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First, What is Game?

At Change The Game TV (CTGTV) we state with immense gratification that we give you game. What we mean by we give you game is that we reveal and instill in you knowledge on different life subjects that others have attempted to keep hidden.

We give you game. We reveal hidden gems and hidden treasures that will empower you in your approach in life. At Change The Game TV we keep no secrets. We give you game so that you can change the game. Read our blog posts  to find out how you can Change The Game.

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Who we are

We are Change The Game TV. We are comprised of, our online platform. And we also have Change The Game TV, our YouTube channel.

Change The Game TV is also on TikTok and Instagram. Change the game with us. Follow us, Friend Us and Pin Us. Let’s Change The Game.

We are dedicated, principled and geared towards empowering men and woman by giving them game. By giving them game they will not only be empowered, but they can also empower others.

What We Do

At Change The Game TV we give you game. We give you game, so that you can change the game. In life you need game, otherwise you’ll simply be a spectator on the side lines.

The game we give you brings equilibrium to the game. We give you game via our online platform, and via our YouTube Channel. We give you game on:


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