Why Do Men Feel So Strongly About Being Respected

5 Reasons Why Men Feel So Strongly About Being Respected

The need to be respected is undeniably universal. Independent of your gender, whether male or female, you want to be respected.

However, another equally undeniable sentiment, overall, is that men have a stronger need to be respected than the opposite sex. Why is that? In this post we outline 5 reasons why men feel so strongly about being respected.


Many men may feel that respect is an essential aspect of self worth. Therefore, when a man is not respected he perceives that his self worth is being diminished. Whereas if he is respected it will positively contribute to his overall sense of self worth. 


Validation. Seeking the validation of others is generally not a good  thing. However, for many men respect is validation for their abilities, achievements and position in society.

In a nutshell, when a man is respected he feels a sense of validation. It’s not necessarily that he is seeking validation, but it becomes a byproduct of respect. It can be seen as a form of recognition and appreciation from others.

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For many men, respect can be closely tied to their masculine identity. Being respected by others places a man in a good place with his masculine identity.


Though some may argue against it, most men by nature have an intrinsic desire to be respected that exceeds that of the opposite sex. One can say that men are born with a stronger urge to be respected than women. And when this respect is challenged or undermined, or perceived to be, a man may see it as a threat to his authority and/or status.


Men want to be respected by others because when there’s mutual respect it cultivates better relationships.

Men will generally, when it’s within their control, only want to be around people who respect them. Men will, in great part, avoid being around people who do not respect them or they perceive do not respect them.

Men will only want to cultivate long lasting relationships with people that show them respect.


As stated in the beginning of this post, both men and women have a fundamental need for respect, but the man’s need for respect is greater. Overall, men need and demand respect much more than most women do. 

A man’s sensitivity towards disrespect is always at a high gear, especially if he is a man that is respectful.

The need for a man to be respected is not a bad thing. The man simply has to channel his energy in the most appropriate way when it comes to his need to be respected.

Thank you for reading 5 reasons why men feel so strongly about being respected.


And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s: YOU CAN’T FORCE SOMEONE TO RESPECT YOU, BUT YOU CAN REFUSE TO BE DISRESPECTED.

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