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Sarah Vianna’s Latest Kizomba Single, More Time

Sarah Vianna is a singer who hails from Praia, Cape Verde. Her latest kizomba single, “More Time,” features rapper Brutu …
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Leandra Ansah: Attorney And entrepreneur

Leandra Ansah is an attorney and entrepreneur and she made time to give us an exclusive interview where she gives …
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J.-Cerrone-Author And Owner Of Paper-Chase Publications

J. Cerrone: Author And Owner of Paper-Chase Publications

Author J. Cerrone is a native of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with roots in the South Side of Chicago, …
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Filipe Anjos: Bringing Technological Development To Africa Via Afr

Filipe Anjos: Bringing Technological Development To Africa Via African

Filipe Anjos is the founder of the clothing brand, African. His parents hail from São Tome and Principe, Africa. Filipe …
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Jess Évora Ranja CV Founder And Executive Director

Jess Évora: Founder And Executive Director Of Ranja CV

Jess Évora is the founder and executive director of Ranja CV. Ranja means in the Kriolu language, the native language …
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Orvalle Williams: Television and Film Actor

Orvalle Williams is a star in the making. He hails from Detroit and now resides in Los Angeles. In his …
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Lucy Cautinho: Author of Sand And Sea

Lucy Coutinho is an Author, Educator, and Content Creator. She is the founder of Luce Inspiration, a positive media company …
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