5 Things Men Should Never Do To Each Other

5 Essential Things Men Must Know About Men

As men there are guidelines when it comes to how we interact with one another. These guidelines are extremely important because they determine the success of our interaction with each other.

In this post we outline 5 things that men should never do to each other.


First and foremost, let’s start off with the foundation of male interaction. Respect. As men, we have to respect one another. With that said, we should not disrespect one another. Respect is essential to any and all male interaction.

If there is one thing we as men owe each other is respect. By our nature we need to be respected and we demand respect. Therefore, knowing this, that I need to be respected and that the next man also needs to be respected, by respecting one another we fulfill each other’s need for respect without even demanding it. By simply respecting each other.

Respect all men that you encounter. His title, position or family ties are irrelevant. Never forget that trust is earned, but not respect. Respect is given to every man.

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Never violate the trust another man has put in you. Trust is a fundamental aspect of male relationship. Whatever a man has confided to you needs to stay between you and that man, no matter what. Even if you and that man, at some point don’t see eye to eye, you need not share that confidential information.

As men we must stay away from actions that betray one another’s trust. For example, sharing confidential information, sharing secrets or speaking publicly about private conversations. If a man shared it specifically with you, then you share it not with another person.


Men should not be dependent financially on each other. Each man must hold himself to a high standard and be his provider, and not another man. Our nature as men is to be providers, not to be provided for. So If another man is providing for you then he will lose respect for you.

As Mike Tyson said, “Any man on this planet that expects another man to take care of him like he’s his wife is not a man.” As men we absolutely should look out for each other and help each other out, but not be dependent on another man. Mike Tyson continued, “I’ve been around guys like that. That want you to take care of them.” Let’s not be like those guys.


Never blame the next man. Meaning, hold yourself accountable. Don’t blame the fact that things aren’t going your way on the man before or after you. You have to embrace whatever it is that you’re going through without faulting others.

That is so important because as long as you’re faulting the next man, you’re giving up your power to change the situation because you’re saying you’re not the reason for you being where you are.

Whether the next man has some blame to shoulder or not, complaining and griping about it is not going to help. You need to own the situation and work towards overcoming it.


Rounding up the 5 things men should never do to each other is, never gossip about another man. Gossiping is never a man thing to do. There’s a difference between speaking the truth about a person or a situation versus gossiping.

Stay away from gossiping. If you’re in a situation and you’re asked about another man, it’s best to highlight that man’s good points and stay away from the low ones. That’s a sure way to avoid gossiping.


Follow these 5 things men should never do to each other and you will have better relationships with other men. Building respectful and healthy relationships with our fellow men is a responsibility that we can all meet and exceed.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from ancient Chinese philosopher, Confucius: A GREAT MAN IS HARD ON HIMSELF, A SMALL MAN IS HARD ON OTHERS.

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