How to Go For The First Kiss: Do These 6 Things

You want to know, how do I go for the first kiss? When do I go for i? But you’re worried, what if she rejects me? That’s why we’re going to tell you exactly how to go for that desired kiss and be certain that you will not be rejected because you took all of the right measures.

These are 6 first kiss tips that will give you the absolute confidence that it is time to make the move and go for the kiss. These tips will work to give you confidence in discerning if she wants to kiss whether you’re on a date or whether the two of you just met.

Let’s get into the 6 tips on how to get that kiss with the girl you like or even just met.


To start off, you should never contemplate going for that first and desired kiss if your breath isn’t fresh. Your breath needs to be absolutely on point. It needs to be fresh!

One sure way to make sure that she absolutely does not even hint at the possibility of making it okay for you to kiss her is having bad breath. Having fresh breath can even make a horrible kiss forgivable and adorable. Fresh breath compensates for so much.

So, the first step in going for that  kiss is to absolutely have your breath on point.

You may need to run to the bathroom and brush your teeth or have some gum or mints on hand. But please, do not attempt to give a girl a kiss if your breath is not fresh.


You must pay attention to her body language. If she wants you to kiss her she will not say it with words but her body language will be doing all of the speaking, whether she’s conscious of it or not.

How receptive is she? You need to pay attention to signals that she is sending that she wants you to kiss her. Look out for such signals. Is she leaning closer to you? Does she “accidentally” keep brushing up on you? Is she pulling away or getting closer as you move towards her? Is she playing with her hair, biting her lips? These are all signals that you need to be looking for as you assess her level of reciprocity towards you kissing her for the first time.

As stated, when a woman wants you to kiss her she will give off signals of such a desire. Therefore, be aware of them in order to read them correctly.

We talk more about this in How To Know If A Woman Likes you.

PS: Also, use your own body language to give her hints that you want to kiss her. In a way you are preparing her so that she is not caught by surprise for when you do go in for that desired kiss.

You can use body language to display your intentions of kissing her not only by leaning in towards her at times, but by innocently touching her at times. Now, don’t touch her anywhere that she may perceive as offensive or intrusive. For example, you can complement her on a watch or wristband before touching it and then touching her wrist as well.

You can also gaze at her eyes or bite your lips discreetly as you look at her. Now, how did she react? This will tell you a lot about going in for that wanted kiss.


You can deliberately run a test to give you a better idea if she wants you to kiss her or not. Here’s two ways you can run a test.

FIRST TEST: The first test to see how receptive she is to you kissing her is this. Simply say something like: When I first greeted you I wanted to give you a kiss on the cheeks. Can I do so now?

If she’s apt for the kiss on the cheeks then it’s a great indication that she may be apt for when you go for the official on the lips kiss. Remember tip number one, FRESH BREATH! If you’re breath is not on point for this, you’re doomed. There will be no kissing on the lips no matter how attractive you are or charming you have been.

SECOND TEST: You can say something like this as you grab a stick of gum or mints: This is a good time for gum, do you want one too?

If she’s receptive and says yes it’s most likely because she does want to kiss and wants her breath to be fresh as well.

DISCLAIMER: She may also be conscious or her breath and by you offering a gum or mint it will erase any breath insecurities that she may have and be receptive of your approach to kiss her.

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There’s actually no wrong way between asking or just going for the kiss. Either one will work well so long as you have laid a solid foundation by following tips one through three.

However, if you’re going to ask if you can kiss her, you need to be asking confidently. The way to do this is to ask as you’re already gently and smoothly moving in for the kiss. It’s not so much asking, it’s you being a gentleman and affirming her of your move. Remember, she needs to feel your confidence.

And if you do decide to go for the kiss without asking you will be good so long as you have followed tips one through three.


As you kiss her, do bear in mind that it’s the first time you are kissing her and this requires certain considerations. For example, how long will you kiss her for? How intimate will the kiss be? Questions that you need to be mindful of the answers.

As far as how long on the initial kiss, you generally don’t want to kiss her for too long. About five to seven seconds. As far as the level of intimacy on the kiss, it shouldn’t be too intimate because it’s the first. That is, no tongue.

EXCEPTION: If you’re in an environment where it is warranted and she’s clearly indicating that she wants to kiss and do so for a longer period and more intimately, then go ahead and do so.

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After the kiss it’s imperative that you communicate with her that you enjoyed the kiss. This will give her confidence and alert her that not only that you enjoyed the kiss, but that you make a move for more kissing.

You can verbally communicate with her that you enjoyed the kiss or you can simply look at her lips and eyes in amazement. However, a direct compliment is definitely recommended.


Going for that initial kiss can be nerve wrecking for most guys, but it doesn’t have to be. Simply follow these 6 steps on how to do so and success awaits you at her lips.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: DON’T BE AFRAID. THE GREATEST MISTAKE A MAN CAN EVER MAKE IS TO BE AFRAID OF MAKING ONE.

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