7 Reasons Why Some Men Have Unprotected Sex

7 Reasons Why Men Have Unprotected Sex

First we want to be extremely clear that we at Game Changer TV do dot advocate or promote unprotected sex. We believe that unprotected sex is irresponsible and that the only safe sex is between a man and women who have committed to a monogamous relationship and for many they prefer it to be marriage. We are simply stating 7 Reasons Why Some Men Have Unprotected Sex, not that we advocate it.

This article is a follow up to 8 Reasons Why Some Women Have Unprotected Sex. There are certainly some reasons from both articles that are similar, however there are significant differences.

With that stated, let’s get into what the 7 Reasons Why Some Men Have Unprotected Sex.


Men find sex without a condom more pleasurable. And men find it so because it’s true. Without a condom the sensation of sexual penetration is intensified.

However, the sensation of penetration is not the only thing that is intensified. So are the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) or sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s).

A much more secure alternative to having sex without a condom is to buy and use thinner condoms. But be aware that the condom doesn’t break. Thinner condoms are more susceptible to break. If the condom does break be sure to replace it with another one, thus the need to have multiple condoms if you’re going to chose to engage in sexual activities.

For men a sure way to know if the condom breaks is if the sensation suddenly heightens. However, being caught up the heated moment, this sensation may go unnoticed or ignored due to the increased pleasure.

To reduce the chances of the condom breaking put it on gently and properly. If the sex is ongoing for excessive lengths of time be sure to replace the condom with another one. This too eliminates the chances of it drying up and breaking.

DISCLOSURE: During intercourse it is recommended that you glance over at the condom every now and then to make sure that it’s intact.


A man may feel that having sex without a condom gives him a harder and longer lasting erection. For many men this is also true.

As stated in reason number 1, Intensified Pleasure, sex without a condom intensifies the pleasure of sex. This can lead the man to get harder and stay so longer.

With that said, sex without a condom to have a harder and longer lasting erection is definitely not a risk that justifies the reward.

Instead, discover different ways that intensify your erotic. For example, use of organic oils (almond oil, coconut oil, etc.) or lubricants to rub onto your penis before putting on a condom. Different sexual positions can also intensify and get you feeling more erotic.

These ways can heighten your sensitivity and give you a harder and longer lasting erection. And they can do so without the high probability of contracting infections and diseases that having sex without a condom makes you susceptible to.

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Another reason why men have unprotected sex is because he assures her that he’s clean and she also assures him of the same. But the truth is, none of them know for sure.

After all, neither presented each other with a full proof medical examination they just received prior to having sex. Therefore, they should not confidently trust in each other unless there’s explicit evidence. And most likely, there isn’t, so it’s better to always use protection if you’re going to choose to have sex with her.

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The honest truth is as to why so men have unprotected sex is for bragging rights. Some men want to brag about “hitting it raw.”

Sex is a game to him that he wants to win and brag about and the ultimate victory is “hitting it raw.” That’s no way to look at sex, but the truth is, that’s what some men view it as.

This is an attitude that is hazardous to any man and to the person he’s engaging in sex with.

DISCLOSURE: Ladies, if such a man is hinting at such an attitude stay away from him or be mindful of what you’re getting yourself into. It can have irreversible consequences.



Reason number 5 as to why some men have unprotected sex is because they feel that they will perform better.

However, better performance is dependent on a lot more than having sex without a condom.

For example, sex without a condom and no attractiveness, no chemistry, no desire, not emotion from her or/and you will lead to terrible performance. Plus not to mention all of the anxiety that she and/or you may be feeling from knowing you’re having unprotected sex.

Therefore, put the condom on. Poor performance is insignificant when it comes to the lasting effects of having unprotected sex.

DISCLOSURE: Some men do feel that not having to put on a condom eases there nervous thus allowing them to perform. However, perform and better performance are completely different things.


He does not have a condom and neither does she and they both concede to engage in sex.

Nevertheless, the risk does not justify the reward, neither for him or for her. In such scenarios, no matter how heated they may be, it is wisest not to engage in sex. The momentary pleasure can have everlasting ramifications.


A man may engage in unprotected sex with a woman in order to get her pregnant.

If the two have explicitly made that commitment, of which some men and women believe entails holy matrimony, then blessings to both.

However, men need to know that getting a women pregnant is never to be done in a sneaky, conniving or manipulative way.


As stated in the opening we do not advocate unprotected sex, at all. We stated 7 Reasons Why Some Men Have Unprotected Sex because we want you to be aware of them, not because we advocate them.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or an adage and today’s is: DON’T LET YOUR EMOTIONS MAKE YOUR DECISIONS.

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