5 Must Dos To Develop Your Listening Skills With Women

5 Must Dos To Develop Your Listening Skills With Women

This article, 5 Must Dos To Develop Your Listening Skills With Women, is dedicated to a subject matter that it seems men are inherently born bad at, listening. Specifically listening to your significant other or potential significant other.

It’s as if men are wired not to listen or be good listeners. There must be a scientific explanation as to why men are not good listeners as most women absolutely are.

Though men may not be great listeners overall, it seems that they drop the ball further when it comes to listening to women. Men will tend to, when listening to women, to zone out, get bored, etc.

Or simply stated, men may think that what she’s saying is not important or trivial. Though it may be, but when a woman is talking to her man she wants to be heard. With that said let’s get into what the 5 Must Dos To Develop Your Listening Skills With Women are.


Don’t listen to problem solve, just listen.

When she’s airing out through talking she doesn’t need you to listen to problem solve. That’s because she’s most likely to do the problem solving herself as she talks to you about it. What she’s really doing is problem solving by speaking out loud.

For example, have you ever been in a conversation where you were telling someone about a particular problem and as you’re talking about it you found the solution? That’s exactly how the same way some women find solutions. But she may not find it if you always interject her talking with your solution.

Therefore, just listen. Her talking and you listening is a method, though unbeknownst to her, that she problem solves.


When you want to say something, if she stops long enough to let you get a word in, ask her questions rather than offer your suggestions, opinions or solution.

That’s right, simply ask her questions about the subject matter. What you’re really doing is getting her to rethink, reevaluate and ponder further on what she’s said. By doing so you can help her problem solve via questions.

By you asking her questions you’re helping her to reflect on what she’s said. And when you assist her in reflecting she’ll think of you as a helper and listener as opposed to a know-it-all or a Mr. Fix It.

Questions lead to solutions. Solutions that she came up with herself, right?

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Continuing on the subject of questions, you can inconspicuously be helpful by asking her questions with solutions.

For example, instead of telling her, “I think you should do such and such.” Try this instead, “I don’t know, but what do you think about doing such and such?”

This works better because you’re not imposing but merely suggesting and leaving it up to her make judgment and assess your question, not a suggestion, opinion or advise.

Such an approach will do wonders. Even if she doesn’t credit you or tell you that she applied your “question” as the solution you’ll score big points with her. This is because deep down inside of her she knows you’re the low key genius.

EXCEPTION: The only time you want to you give your opinion, suggestion, advice or solution is when she asks you to. Or you can directly ask her if she’s telling you because she wants your opinion, advise or suggestions.


If you’re going to charm her with your listening skills you will need to learn not to be a know-it-all.

Generally, from her first sentence you already know what she needs to know, right? But no. This approach is not that of a great listener.

Even if you do know, listen! You can then ask her questions and offer suggestions if she asks you to or if you ask her if it’s okay for you to.


Don’t be distracted when she’s talking to you. Pay attention to her and to what she’s saying.

As she’s talking you must be looking at her and not at another person, the television, your phone or anything else.

She will know and feel that you are listening by you simply being in the moment.


Improving on your listening skills will do wonders to improve and elevated your relationship.

Here’s a strong reason for you to develop your listening skills with a woman, because if you don’t she will find someone who will listen to her and it could very well be another man. Not what you want.

Therefore, always bear in mind these 5 Must Dos To Develop Your Listening Skills With Women. A man who is a good listener is rare. Be one of them.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: SOMETIMES ALL A WOMAN NEEDS IS TO FEEL LIKE SHE’S BEING HEARD.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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