4 Absolute Don’t Dos When You First Meet A Woman

4 Absolute Don’t Dos When You First Meet A Woman

When you first meet a woman what you don’t do is just as important as what you do. That is why we’re giving you 4 Absolute Don’t Dos When You First Meet A Woman. Remember these and stay true to them, you can get a lot further than a first encounter if you do so.

Without further ado, let’s get into what they are.


You must absolutely remember when you first approach her to not be overly aggressive in your approach towards her. Ease up.

When you first meet a woman, whether in a social environment or in a one on one environment, the idea is to charm her. The idea is not to get with her right there and then.

If you come off overly aggressive you’ll be instantly raising red flags in her mind. Due to your over aggressiveness she is most likely not to see value in you. The reason is because aggressiveness can equate to needy and there is no value in needy. Needy pretty much says, not wanted. An most women don’t want a man that is not wanted.

Absolutely do make your move. And then use good judgment and know when to withdraw. Do not overstay your stay. Also, it’ll create mystery once you leave. It’ll give her time to process the conversation and can keep her wondering far after you’re gone.


When you first meet a woman you must not ask her personal or intimate questions.

Keep the conversation light, but interesting. Don’t be shallow but don’t be profound. Impress, but don’t press. State but don’t debate. Personalize, but don’t get personal.

The idea is to be lighthearted, complimentary, slight flirty and the like.

Save all of the personal, intimate questions for the right time and the first time you meet her is clearly not the right time.

DISCLOSURE: There is no exception to this rule, you don’t know her enough yet.


This correlates to number 2, but it correlates to you. Don’t get personal about you when you first meet a woman.

The idea is to court her, not to make her your psychologist. That’s not what she wants to be to any man, especially one that she just met. Plus not to mention that it’s absolutely likely you’ll look weak to her. Weakness is not a good look, at all.


For men who have accomplished amazing feats or possess many material things this may certainly be something they struggle with and it’s bragging. Don’t be braggadocios!

Sure you’re great at this, you’re great at that, you have this and that, not what she wants to hear. That actually makes her feel like all that she would be to you is another accomplishment. That’s not a way to charm her.

If you get a women while being braggadocios it’s most likely not because you charmed her, but because you persuaded her.

EXCEPTION: Of course you can give her subtle hints of your success, accomplishments or possessions. But it must be done in the most organic, natural and nonchalant way. It needs to be done in accordance with the development of the conversation, but never in a braggadocios format.


Gentlemen, keep true to these 4 Absolute Don’t Dos When You First Meet A Woman or run the risk of her being completely turned off and not slightly interested in you.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: WHEN YOU MEET SOMEONE FOR THE FIRST TIME WHAT YOU DON’T SAY CAN SAY A LOT MORE THAN WHAT YOU DO.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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