How To Get A Man: 7 Essential Tips

So you’re a single lady and it’s okay to assume that you are so by choice, right? Well, that doesn’t matter. What’s important is that now you want a man and you need some guidance on how to get a man. That’s great because in this post, How To Get A Man: 7 Essential Tips, that’s exactly what we’re going to do to.

We’re going to give you valuable insight on how to get a man as you have decided to make yourself available to finding that special someone for you. We think it’s a great decision that you have made that you no longer want to be single. You want a relationship. You want romance. That is, you want a man.

You’ve already taking a great step by deciding that you want a man. It starts off with that, you deciding that you want a man. That’s because once you decide that you want a man you will get one, of your choice. Yes, you get to choose.

For a woman, getting a man can be as simple as making yourself available. However, there are rules to the game, steps to be followed so that you get the man that you want.

Follow these 7 essential tips on how to get the man you want and you will.


First of all, be clear, the first thing men notice in a woman is her physical appearance. You may think it obvious, but it goes deeper. By far, most men, will determine in an instant if you’re the one strictly on the basis of how you look. A man can simply look at your appearance and determine whether or not he would consider being with you in a relationship.

Remember, we’re talking about him being a relationship with you and not simply have sex with you. When it comes to strictly sex men lower their standards drastically. However, when it comes to relationships, they rarely ever move the bar down a notch.

Therefore, the first step in to how to get a man is to have your physical appearance on point. That is, be put together physically. You need to be taking care of yourself. You need to be eating healthy and staying fit. You may think, shouldn’t he like me just as I am? You’re right, as a person, yes. However, as a girlfriend that’s up to him.

Therefore, whether your tall, short, thick, thin you need to be looking healthy and fit.

There’s no getting around it. Men’s primary attraction to women is physical. And the same measure that they use to decide if they would sleep with a woman is not the same that they use to decide if they would date or engage in a relationship with a woman.

It’s one of the reasons why men have certain women that they sleep with but would never date. They have women that they sleep with but would never bring her out in public together. It’s a double standard. That is, the standards are different.


When you want to get a man, the way you dress is of significant importance. It’s important to getting a man and more so it should be important to you as well. If you don’t carry about how you dress he will catch on to that. So there’s no point in faking it, just become mindful and attentive to what you wear.

Sure dressing down has its moments, but you can’t be going about your day, everyday dressed down and think you’re going to get a man.

Men love femininity in a woman and of the greatest way to display it is in how you dress. Dress feminine. The jeans and sneakers have there outings, but he would like to see you in them less of the time. Also, accessories can really bring out that feminine look out of you, even when you are wearing jeans and sneakers.

Remember this, as much as you love a masculine man, he also loves a feminine woman.

To summarize it, be girly in your choice of attire.


Guys are, believe it or not, for the most part, totally afraid of approaching women. However, you can ease and relax their fear simply by looking approachable.

Check out this video we did on How To Look Approachable To Women. Let us know how true our assessments are.

How to get a man can’t be done if you do not look approachable. If you keep scaring men away, before they even approach you. You can look approachable to men in two simple ways.

1) Body Language: Have a smile on your face. Don’t look tense. Look up and look around. That is, get you eyes off your phone. It makes for an inviting signal as to having your head buried in your phone, most likely doing nothing productive that will get you the man you want.

2) Send Hints: Remember, most men are afraid to approach women, unless, you do this one thing, let him know that it’s okay for him to approach you. And the way you do this is by sending him hints. Some of these hints include looking and smiling at him, pass by him and say hello, wave at him, etc. If you do any of these it will bolster his confidence to approach you.

4) SLOW DOWN A BIT (Don’t always be in such a hurry)

Woman, slow down some. Don’t always be in such a hurry to getting to where you got to go. Sometimes woman be in a hurry for no reason at all. A woman will rush from her job to her car and have no where to go but home. Slow down. Look around.

Always being in a hurry is a sure way to scare men away because they’ll automatically assume that you’re too busy or have a man to get to. When the truth is, you’re not too busy and you don’t have a man to get to. You’re actually looking for one. But you’ll never convince a man of that if you don’t slow down.

And even when you are in such a rush, that does not mean you can’t have a glance around. You just don’t know how much you’re missing simply because you’re not looking around and you always have your nose to the grindstone.


If you want a guy to approach you it’s not going to happen while you sit at home daydreaming about a man or sitting at home binging Netflix originals. You need to get out an put yourself in environments where you can meet men. Where men can see you and want to approach you.

Such environments can be many including a gym, park, church, beach, etc. In such environments it’s extremely important that you follow tip number 3, to look approachable.


Do not always be accompanied by your girlfriends. The reason is because guys, and you have to put yourself in their shoes, are already intimidated about approaching one girl, now imagine approaching several, at once. Not the easiest task for most men.

Many women are missing out on how to get a man because they simply do not go anywhere that they are likely to meet a man, alone. Plus, the pressure of not straying from your group of friends can and maybe has kept you from meeting or engaging with Mr. Right.

Plus not to mention, by always being with your girlfriends you’re giving him more options to choose from or it’ll just be a competition among you and them as to who he was most attracted to, etc.

This can be completely avoided by going to safe environments where you can meet men alone.


If you follow steps one through six men will absolutely approach you. What you need to do is recognize the courage that it took for him to approach you and let him shoot his shot. That is, let him display his intentions. If you like him, great! You can give him your contact and determine where it goes from there. If you don’t like him, say thank you for any compliment he gave you and let him know that you are not interested.


The bonus tip is, don’t always wear make up or wear less make up. For one, the more make up you have on the more flawless you look. And when you look flawless it may very well make the guy feel like you’re out of his league.

To mitigate such projection don’t always wear make up or wear less of it.

Also, with no make up or less make up it gives you more confidence that he likes you for what he sees and not for how you’re covered up. Let him see your natural beauty. Chances are he’ll love it. If he doesn’t, it’s better to find out now than later.


There it is, how to get a man. We’re certain that by you following these steps you will get that man that you want. Now, get out there and look approachable. It’s all you girl.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: IF YOU CAN LOVE THE WRONG PERSON THAT MUCH, IMAGINE HOW MUCH YOU CAN LOVE THE RIGHT ONE.

Now, go forth and change the game!

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