7 Non Physical Characteristics That A Women Love In A Man

7 Non Physical Characteristics Women Love In A Man

Sure physical attractiveness matters to women. However, it’s not the end all. Strictly physical features will not be enough to sustain any relationship, especially for a women. Therefore in this article we’re giving you 7 Non Physical Characteristics That Women Love In A Man.

Be sure, women are looking for more than just the physical. Though your physical appearance will serve to catch her eye and peek her interest, she will eventually want to supersede the shallow and get to the profound. That is, your non physical characteristics.

Without further ado, let’s get into what they are.

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Women love a decisive man. A man who is willing and not afraid to make decisions. Decisiveness implicates many great qualities in a man like certainty, confidence and executor. All implicative qualities that women love in men.

The opposite, indecisiveness, makes a man look doubtful, unsure, hesitant and unable to make decisions or make up his mind. All of these are qualities that will feed any speculations that she may have about getting with you or staying with you.

Plus, she may be an indecisive person herself and that’s not what she wants from a man. Women appreciate it when a man can look at a situation, analyze it and be decisive. It’s a non physical characteristic that attracts women, for sure!


This one purposefully proceeds decisiveness and it’s cautious.

Contradictory to decisiveness? No. Cautious doesn’t mean lingering on a decision, being afraid to execute or act. Being cautious means that you evaluate all of the potential outcomes and you execute on the best one.

To be cautious is a primary function of a man. After all, it’s the prerequisite of a protector. Men are supposed to protect, their woman, children, family.

When you’re cautious, analytical of situations and you use foresight to foresee you reassure her that you have her best interest in mind and that she’s safe with you. And that, women love.


Women love the non physical trait of intellect in a man. A man who is and displays intelligence and does so humbly.

It’s not that you have to have an IQ that would be fitting to get you into an Ivy League school. That could actually be a turn off because, even if unwillingly, you may project and make her feel that your book intelligence puts you on a level that she is not on.

What in this case is meant by intelligence is that you have an understanding of various topics in addition to the topics that you are solid on.

Also, you have a vocabulary that is diverse and can be extensive. For many women this is a huge turn on. For them it enhances, augments and implicates eloquence.

DISCLOSURE: If you’re vocabulary isn’t diverse or extensive it is easy to make it so. Read! That’s it. And do so with a dictionary in hand or with a dictionary app open on your phone.

Continuing with intellect. Intellect in this case also refers to your capability of problem solving. Women love it when a man is apropos at problem solving. Every time you problem solve it makes you look that much more competent to her.

BEWARE: Intellect can create friction. Especially when the two of you have your intellect up. It can create a negative competitive environment of who’s more intellect.

The two of you need to be intellectual enough to recognize when, if this happens, and not engage or stimulate such eccentric inclinations.


This is the closest trait on the list that comes to physical. Women love a man who projects confidence.

Confidence projection is an attitude more than physical. However, it’s an attitude that manifests in the physical. It’s manifested in your walk, your talk, your smile, your voice, your posture, everything about you.

A confidence projecting man projects confidence onto his woman as well.

She also knows that wherever the two of you are, you’re secure. She’s not worried about you’re self esteem. She knows it’s high. You confidence is always high. Spotlight or no spotlight, you shine!

DISCLOSURE: Please be mindful, we’re talking confidence. Not arrogance, self centeredness, eccentricity and the like. Those and the like are not traits of a confident person.


Women love a hustler. A go getter. A man that doesn’t wait for things to come to him, but rather goes out and gets them.

A man with a hustler mentality makes things happen independent of the situation.

Now, this isn’t a trait that all men have, but it’s certainly a trait that all men can possess, if they so choose to.

Furthermore, if a man is not a hustler it doesn’t mean he’s not a provider. A man can be a provider an not be a hustler as well. Many women are totally okay with that.


A non physical trait that women love in a man is when he speaks highly of women.

Do know that we’re not necessarily talking about speaking highly of a particular women, that may get you in trouble or not. We’re talking about speaking highly of women in a general sense.

Therefore, praise women. Praise their efforts, praise their accomplishments. This will do wonders for you with women whether you’re single or in a relationship.

NOTE: To add to this, speak highly of people, period! It’ll only make you look that much more secure and confident. And when you do need to speak critical of people others will recognize that you’re not being jealous or envious because your nature is to speak highly of people.


Women love it when a man speaks highly about fatherhood, about the prospects of fatherhood and being a great father.

Most likely she wants to have kids. Therefore, when you speak highly about being a father it’s a great indication to her that you may be the one she would want to have kids with.

If you already have kids, speak highly of them and take care of them. Be an example to your kids and for other men as well.

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These are 7 Non Physical Characteristics That Women Love In A Man. Maybe you’re sharp on some and not on others. Work on improving them all to give you the best chance of attracting that women you desire.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or an adage and today’s is: GOOD LOOKS ATTRACT THE EYES, PERSONALITY ATTRACTS THE HEART.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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