5 Steps On How To Appropriately Approach Women

5 Steps On How To Approach Women

Have you ever seen a beautiful young lady that you wanted to talk to, however you got nervous or simply didn’t know what to say? Yes, I bet you have. It’s happened to the majority of men. That’s why this article is giving you 5 Steps On How To Appropriately Approach Women. Follow these steps next time you see such a beautiful young lady and you’ll be approaching her appropriately.


Before approaching her you need to be aware of your surroundings. Let’s say, for example, you see this fine young lady at a park and she’s sitting alone. Remember, just because she’s sitting alone, it doesn’t mean she is alone, and for that matter, single.

Keep in mind that she could be with her boyfriend or husband and he stepped away for a second, and will return. And it would not be a good thing for him to return to find you talking to his girlfriend, fiancé or wife.


Once you’re aware of your surroundings and the coast is clear, make that move. Go over and talk to her. Don’t be nervous, don’t be scared. And if you are, go anyway. The worst thing that could happen is that she’d tell you that she’s busy or doesn’t want to talk at the moment. There’s no danger in that, so make the move.

Approach her and do so confidently. Don’t approach her with a mentality of rejection. But if it does happen, it’s really okay!

The most simple of ways to talk to her is to approach her, introduce yourself, compliment her and get her to confirm that the coast is clear. For example, let’s say she’s at the park, sitting on a bench. You could approach her like and say: Hi, my name is ______. I noticed you sitting over here and I couldn’t help it but to come over here and tell you how beautiful you are. Are you waiting for anybody?

And from there, depending on her answer, you can ask if it’s okay for you to sit or just say it was very nice to meet you and continue with your day.

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Continuing with the park bench scenario. Let’s say she wasn’t waiting for anyone, you both had a brief chat and things went well. Now, don’t leave without asking her for a contact.

You can ask for a phone number but a social media contact may be more appropriate. It all depends on how well the conversation went. You have to get a feel for her level of interest.

Remember this, just one form of contact is enough. For example, don’t overkill it and be asking her for all of her social media contacts. Just one will do.


Number 5 piggybacks off number 1, be aware of her surroundings. Let’s say her surroundings is that she’s surrounded by a group of friends. Intimidating, right? No, it doesn’t have to be.

First of all, if she’s with a group of friends, let’s say, girlfriends. You need to make it clear once you get there that you are there for her. Make this obvious to her.

However, that doesn’t mean ignore her girlfriends. That would be a huge mistake. Actually, the first people you want to greet once you get there is her girlfriends, though keeping your eyes on her and when you do get to her greet her in a distinguishable manner.

For example, if you greeted her friends with a kiss on the cheek, you can greet her with a kiss on her hand while maintaining eye contact with her. Be a gentleman, be creative.

Also, bear in mind, she is with her friends, so you need to keep it brief. And if another one of her friends is behaving sassy in an attempt to get your attention, remember why you’re there.

Now go ahead and follow the other steps, 2 – 4 on how to appropriately approach women and you’ll be good.

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Now you have the 5 Steps On How To Appropriately Approach Women and it’s on you to apply them. We hope you’ll do so. Remember, we’re rooting for you.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: ONE WHO MAKES NO MISTAKES MAKES NOTHING.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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