7 First Date Table Etiquette Fundamentals

7 First Date Table Etiquette Fundamentals

So, you’ve been talking to that young lady, you asked her to go out on a date and she said yes. Congratulations! You’ve done so many right things to get to this point. Now, don’t mess it up with poor table etiquette. On your date, bear in mind these 7 First Date Table Etiquette Fundamentals.


You’re taking her on a date and table etiquettes start to culminate even before you get to the table. That is, because if you take her to the wrong place no amount of table etiquettes will do you any good.

Where are you taking her to? It’s a basic question but the response needs to be thoughtful. If you want to kill the date before it even starts, just pick an unthoughtful place.

We’re not going to tell you where to take her, at least not in this post, but reflect on her interests, taste and worth.

A woman loves a man who can make great decisions, but worst case scenario, it’s okay to ask her where she’d like the go. You can ask her something similar to, “I was thinking about place A, B and C. Which one would you prefer?

However, don’t get into a battle over with her over what place you’re taking her to. She’s already got enough going on trying to figure out what to wear, etc. So, keep that in mind.

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Continue to display great first table etiquettes fundamentals, pull out her chair.

As you’re about to reach the table, take a few steps ahead of her and pull out her chair. Hold the chair, let her sit and gently guide her chair in as she slides it under the table.

This leads to an excellent impression. It leads her to feel more comfortable around you because she notes you are treating her like a lady and that you yourself are behaving as you should, like a gentleman.


You’ve sat, ordered drinks and an appetizer. Now, it’s time to order your meal. Be mindful of what you order for your meal.

For example, don’t order the smoked BBQ ribs that you like to eat with your hands, that you smother your face all over, that you have meat stuck in your front and back teeth. And then, to top it off, you ask for the dreaded toothpick to get them out.

A quick disclaimer, there’s a reason why the toothpicks are at the door at many restaurants. That’s because no one wants to be eating and watching you pry food out your mouth.

Therefore, order something, should we say, less intrusive.

Plus, what if she’s a vegetarian, or moreover, what if she’s a vegan. Think of the implications.


Now you’ve ordered your food and there it is. It’s time to eat. But you also want to be able to keep the conversation going as you eat because that comfortable silence just isn’t comfortable. Time to apply the fourth etiquette in the 7 First Date Table Etiquettes Fundamentals.

It’s okay to keep the conversation going as you eat, actually you should. But you must not talk with your mouth full. I’m sure you can see how bad that will make you look in her eyes.

Therefore, this is what you do. You don’t stuff your mouth with food, take small bites. This will enable you to chew and swallow in cordial successions as you speak. Whenever you need to speak while you have food in your mouth you can simply cover your mouth with your hand and then speak. This should be no problem if you’ve been taking small bites.


Slurping is something to be completely avoided with your drinks. If you have a straw drink, don’t be sucking on it until it’s making slurping sounds.

She’ll perceive that sound as annoying and your as immature. Just go ahead and order a refill or order another drink.

And if you’re having a hot drink, for example, tea, don’t be slurping on that as well. If it’s too hot to drink, either wait for it to cool off or add a little water to it.


This was your first date and it’s time to pay the bill. My guy, that’s on you! There is absolutely no splitting the bill and she’s not paying. The one paying is you and you should do so happily.

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This one complements number 6. Your waiter or waitress treated you with respect and courtesy and served you gracefully. Now it’s time to show your appreciation, tip him or her. Generally a tip for excellent service ranges from 15% to 20% of your total bill.


With the potential exception of number 6, these 7 First Date Table Etiquette Fundamentals apply every time you take her on a date.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: IF YOUR FRAGRANCE APPEALS TO HER SENSE OF SMELL, THEN GOOD TABLE ETIQUETTE APPEALS TO HER SENSE OF TASTE.

Now, go forth and change the game!

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