5 Absolute Don't Dos When You're With Your Girl

5 Absolute Don’t Dos When You’re With Your Girl

These are 5 Absolute Don’t Dos When You’re With Your Girl. They are to be avoided as they are huge turn offs that can lead to imbalance or the end of a relationship.


When you’re with your girl, make sure she’s the only female your eyes are looking at. Don’t be checking out other girls when you’re with your girl. No matter how fine that girl walking by is, it’s not worth all the drama that could come just for a glance. Be mindful and be respectful of your girl.

You may be thinking, she doesn’t mind me looking. But she does. It’s a test and you keep failing it every time you look.

She actually minds so much, that we’re telling you not to look, even if she tells you it’s okay for you to look. When you don’t look, even when she’s told you it’s okay to look, you’re acing the test.

And to make your acing the test even more splendid you can tell her something like: Baby, I know you say it’s okay to look. But why would I want to look at another women walking by when I have the most beautiful woman standing right before my eyes, you!

Saying that to her will work wonders.

Plus, think about it. Is that something you’d want your girl to do, looking at other men passing by when she’s with you? It’s safe to assume that your response is no.


The second absolute don’t do when you’re with your girl is do not compliment other women’s specific body parts when you’re with her. Especially if you yourself know that she doesn’t find that specific body part on flattering. She’s already insecure about it because she feels that she doesn’t have enough of it or too much of it. Don’t add to the insecurity.

Doing so will only create resentment in her as she will begin to think that you’re insensitive.

BONUS: If she ever asks you what’s your favorite body part on a woman, be very careful how you answer this, if you must. That’s because if your answer is one that she does not feel very comfortable with on herself this will further escalate any insecurity or lack of confidence she may feel about her body.

Her question is really one that will merit a revealing answer, if she has your favorite body part in a flattering and attractive way. Again, this is a test.

Therefore, the best way to answer this, if you must, is to make your response general. You can say something like: Baby, I love everything about your body.

As a footnote, if you do reveal what that favorite body part on a women is to you, for one we do hope that she has that body part in a flattering way, otherwise you’ve failed the test miserably. However, even if she does have that specific body part in a flattering way, every time the two of you are together and she sees a woman with the same flattering body part, especially if she perceives it to be more flattering than hers, she will automatically accuse you of looking. Even if you wasn’t.

Therefore, the conclusion is, it’s best to answer such a question in the most general fashion possible.


It’s best not to talk about your ex. However, if you ever insist on doing so, which we don’t see why you would, don’t exalt your ex.

If you need to talk about or reference your ex, keep it general. Keep it neutral. No need to mention how terrible she was or how great she was.

The reason is, if you mention how terrible she was, she’ll start wondering if that’s how you’ll talk about her if the two of you don’t work out. Consequently, if you talk about how great she was, then she’ll start to wonder why aren’t you still with her. Moreover, she’ll start to wonder if you are still with her. With that said, we’re sure you now see why it’s best not to talk about your ex.

BONUS: If she says it’s okay to talk about your ex or asks you to about your ex, ace the test. Keep your references of your ex brief and neutral. Do not violate this absolute don’t do when you’re with your girl.


I know she’s your girl and you’re comfortable around her. However, don’t be so comfortable that you forget to be a gentleman to and around her. Here’s a quick gentleman list when you’re around her. Bear it in mind:

  • Don’t spit around her, don’t fart around her.
  • Don’t curse, or at the least, curse less around her.
  • Hold hands with her.
  • Compliment her, be flirty with her.
  • Open the door, hold the door.
  • ….and many more.

You may be saying, no, she’s okay with me doing and not doing such things when I’m around her. My guy, not true! She just got tired of you not changing therefore she withdrew her efforts to get you to improve on such chivalries.

However, it’s not too late to make the necessary adjustments. Make them happen. Adhere to this don’t do when you’re with your girl.


This is thee ultimate and total violation of the 5 Absolute Don’t Dos When You’re With Your Girl: Please, don’t ever do this, don’t compare her! Don’t compare her to the women on TV, to your mom, the music video vixen and absolutely don’t ever compare her to a female from a previous relationship. That is, ex (exes).

Comparing her is a sure way to make her feel doubtful about herself regardless of what the comparison it is that you are drawing.

This comparison is even more hurtful when it refers to her physical appearance. Doing so will make her feel doubtful about her physical appearance and doubtful about your physical attraction to her. That’s no way to make her feel, or any woman.

And when it comes to comparing personality or characteristics, let’s say, with that of your ex, it can lead to a tit for tat unending game. That is because she will become defensive because of your comparisons and she herself will also compare you to a man from a previous relationship.


These 5 Absolute Don’t Dos When You’re With Your Girl are to be adhered and applied at all times. Violating them can have drastic consequences such as her leaving you.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or an adage and today’s is: DON’T DO UNTO TO OTHERS WHA YOU DON’T WANT OTHERS TO DO UNTO TO YOU.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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