Age difference couple. Age difference couple. 4 ways to know when age difference matters to women.

4 Ways To Know When Age Difference Matters To Women

If men are direct they will admit that when they’re looking for a serious relationship that age difference matters. Well, the same can be said of women, for the same or different reasons. With that said, lets get into 4 Ways To Know When Age Difference Matters To Women.


If you’re interested in a women that’s between the ages of 30 – 35 and she doesn’t have children, but wants children, know that age matters to her. With her age difference will matter because she wants children and therefore needs a mate that is not too old or too young.

At that particular age she could very well be feeling societal pressures, family pressures or biological pressure to have children. Or she may simply be feeling that it’s the time in her life that she wants to have children.

Consequently she won’t be looking for or paying much attention to guys that at much younger than her. That is because she knows that younger guys may not be ready or are not willing to make such a commitment.

As for much older men, she may simply be rationalizing that she doesn’t want the father of her children to be so much older than them as they grow up.

Therefore, she’s more apt to be interested in a guy that is either her age or just a bit older. She may feel that the odds are more favorable in her age group or a little older, rather than in the young or younger age group.


Age difference matters to a women when you’re too old. Now, too old doesn’t necessarily mean an old man. You can be ten years older than her and she might find that too old, or not.

As obvious as it sounds, whether she finds you too old is usually determined by her age. For example, if she’s twenty years old she may not think of thirty as too old. As a matter of fact, she may actually like it and be very attracted to that. She may not only be attracted to your appearance but she’ll also be attracted to your stability, maturity, your accomplishments, etc.

She may even be thinking of the laud she’ll receive from her friends.

However, if she’s thirty five and you’re forty five, the same ten years, it’s very likely that she’s going to find you too old. She could be thinking either you’re married, divorced, children, etc.


Age difference matters to her when you’re too young. Let’s elaborate.

If you’re young, too young, she may find you sexy and attractive. She may like you physique, your youth, your vigorousness and your even you capriciousness, at times. She may also love all of the complements that she gets from others for being with you.

However, most women don’t just go with the flow, they rationalize. They put it all on a scale and weigh them against each other and in the end make the most rationale decision.

Women will think into the future and she may very well be thinking, in five years when you realize how much older she is than you, will you leave her? This may very well lead her to rationalize that you’re too young.


Let’s not be naïve, it’s very likely that age difference matters to you as a man. Therefore, if age difference matters to you, you need to communicate this to her.

If you find her to be either too young or too old, you need to communicate that to her from the onset. It is important for you to let her know so that she doesn’t settle her heart on a relationship that is not going to work out because of age difference.

This definitely needs to be addressed early on. The reason is because the more emotionally involved the two of you become the harder it will be for you to tell her because you don’t want to hurt her. And the harder it will be for her to accept as she’s invested so much into the relationship.

Therefore, if age difference matters to you, let her know.


It’s important to know if age difference matters to her, because you don’t want to commit to a relationship that doesn’t have a future because of age difference. Therefore be attentive to these 4 Ways To Know When Age Difference Matters To Women.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or an adage and today’s is: AGE IS A MATTER OF MIND OVER MATTER. IF YOU DON’T MIND, IT DOESN’T MATTER.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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