5 Things She'll Likely Do If She Likes You After The First Encounter

5 Things She’ll Likely Do If She Likes You After The First Encounter

These are the 5 Things She’ll Likely Do If She Likes You After The First Encounter. Some you won’t know, others you will if you pay attention. Therefore, pay attention.


She will probably prove, investigate as much of your social media account as possible. This will most likely be the first thing she does because she wants to find out more and as much about you as possible.

Chances are she’ll be successful because most people’s social media accounts are revealing. Therefore be mindful of your posts.

ALSO: It’s very likely that she will google you as well.


If she likes you after the first encounter, she will absolutely tell her best friend or best friends about you. She will absolutely do so at the first chance she gets.

If she likes you, she’s going to tell them everything! Exactly how you approached her, what you said, what you were wearing, if your shoes were clean and even how you smelled.


This one doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s a sure sign that she is feeling you: when she messages you first.

Be on the look out for this one because women tend to wait on men to make the first move, even when it comes to messaging. Therefore, If she messages you first, that’s an expressive sign of interest in you.


Another sure thing she’ll do if she likes you after the first encounter, she’ll want to see you again.

This is big because if a women does not like you she will come up with every reason under the sun and moon not to see you again. Therefore, if she wants to see you again, cheers. Though it’s not the end all, it is a green light that you’re on the right track.

With that said, keep it going then. Be consistent in your approach with her and make her feel that it was a great decision on her part to want to see you again.


This piggybacks off number one, probe your social media accounts. However, she’ll now extend her interest and make it clearer by asking you for all of your other social media accounts.

She’ll do this because she’ll want you to know that she’s definitely interested in you and your interests. This is also a sly way of her letting you know that she’s also watching you.

Now there’s one more reason for you to be mindful with what you post on your social media accounts.


Now that you know what are the 5 Things She’ll Likely Do If She Likes You After The First Encounter, be on the look out for them. They’re direct indications that she likes you. Don’t miss out on the indications and implications.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or an adage and today’s is: THERE ARE TIMES WHEN YOU MEET SOMEONE AND YOU JUST CLICK. SOME DON’T BELIEVE IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, BUT MOST BELIEVE IN THE CLICK.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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