11 Secrets To Successfully Texting With Women

11 Secrets To Successfully Text With Women

With each passing day more and more women are willing to engage with a man via text. It’s a way that they feel secure and in many instances, in control. Texting reveals a lot to her. For example, if this man she’s texting with is worth her time for anything other than texting. With so much depending on texting you need to be up on your texting game. That is why we’re giving you 11 Secrets To Successfully Texting With Women.

Without further ado, let’s get into what the 11 Secrets are.


Be contemplative in your introductory text. Don’t start your text with “hey,” “what’s good” and the like.

Be creative. Be thoughtful. For example, instead of texting “hello.” Try something like, “you were on my mind so I wanted to say hello.” Now it’s not a stalemate, boring introductory text.

Such a text is clearly hinting at you’re interested in her (by the way, a key to not get placed in the friend zone). Thus it now opens up the opportunity for her to explore your text via questions. For example: Really? What about me was on your mind, etc. And if she doesn’t explore such opportunities then you can make an assessment of whether she is interested in you or not. This is how you know if she’s interested in you.


Another imperative secret in the 11 Secrets To Successfully Texting With Women is to text sparingly. Don’t be the man who over texts. That’s never cute, especially in the early stages. You want to text sparingly not because you want to play hard to get, but because you want her to know that you have a life. One that keeps you occupied.

Women don’t want a needy man, and when you’re overdosing on texting, you’re being extremely needy. Therefore, text sparingly.

With that said, we’re not saying don’t text her or don’t reply to her texts. Use good judgment and text her, but sparingly. Keep her wondering some, keep her guessing. It builds up a fire and desire that constant texting doesn’t.

If you’re constantly throughout the day bombarding her with text messages it will absolutely turn her off. She may even like the attention at first, but as time progresses it will become bothersome, dull and annoying to her.

Avoid becoming such by simply texting sparingly. It shows that you have commitments, a life, but you do not forget her. And when you text sparingly, she will not forget you as well. As a matter of fact, you may be the only thing on her mind. She may be thinking, when’s he going to text me.

EXCEPTION: The only exception to this is if she is making it clear that she wants you to keep on texting. Even then, know when to lead the texting to a closure.

Another exception can be if the two of you have a defined time where you will just text endlessly. That’s because that allotted time has been implicitly defined as texting time.

And of course, once your in a relationship with her, texting sparingly is a secret that transitions into text according to desire and necessity.


Don’t overkill the same subject. You may have fully engaged on a particular subject, but don’ overkill it. Move on to other subjects. You can bring that particular subject up at another time or day. It’s crucial to switch subjects because you show her that you have other interests as well.

Even when she’s showing great interest in the subject, alter it still. You need her to know how diverse you are.

In regards to subject, when you overkill them, it overwhelms her. Don’t do so.

KNOW THIS: Your absolute primary subject when texting with her, is her!


Don’t abruptly stop texting her in the middle of a conversation. For example, the two of you are exchanging text messages back and forth. Then she sends you a message and there is no reply from you, possibly for hours or the next day. This is rude and won’t go well with her, especially when the conversation was flowing seamlessly.

The only legitimate explanation for you to stop texting her abruptly, without excusing yourself, in the middle of a conversation is if you actually had to step off excusably.

With that said, you should explain that to her on your next text. Make it the first text. Otherwise you run the risk of her feeling secretively resentful and doing the same thing to you. That will lead to a tit for tat unpleasant game.

DISCLOSURE: It is true that some men for strategic reasons abruptly stop texting in the middle of a conversation. However, you still need to give her an excusable explanation on the very next first text.


Number 5 secret to successfully texting with women piggybacks off number 4, don’t abruptly end texting. And it is, know when to stop texting.

Of the 11 Secrets To Successfully Texting With Women this one can be difficult for some men to apply. The reason is because some men simply do not pay attention to the hints or conjure up the thought that she’s doesn’t want to text anymore.

It could be simply that she’s tired, it’s getting late, she has other affairs to get to, etc.

Remember, there’s a time to stop texting. When she’s not responding or responding right away or is not asking questions, that’s probably the time.


This one is clear and straight, don’t send her texts with unsolicited images. Do not send her images that she did not explicitly request. You know exactly what we’re talking about.


A sure way to impress a woman via text is to use correct grammar and spelling, even if she doesn’t.

Correct grammar and spelling will do wonders for you. The reason is because through your texts she will, consciously or sub consciously, attempt to assess your intellectuality. Correct grammar and spelling will garnish you a high score on such assessment.

On a further note, chill with so many abbreviations. She may also speculate that you’re a terrible speller so you abbreviate. She may not even know what they mean.

If you want her to google for the meaning of anything, have it be for a word that you used during a text that she did not know. Though that can be annoying as well. But if she’s going to google anything, make it worth her time.

Punctuations can totally alter the meaning of a sentence. We’re not saying that they must be used all of the time, but there are definitely times when they are necessary.

EXCEPTION: There is no exception for correct grammar and spelling. However, on the abbreviation there is. People are abbreviating more and more now a days and many abbreviations have a common understanding. With that said, it can be totally okay to abbreviate, lol.


The best way to end a text is to do so without a conclusive ending. That is, don’t end the text with, by, see you later, etc.

When you don’t end the text conclusively it leaves the opportunity for you to return to the conversation at a later time because it was never concluded. It also leaves room for her to continue texting, if she so chooses, but you’re excused from having to text back, right away. And that is because the conversation was ended but not conclusively.

For example. If you’re about to watch a movie, instead of texting “I gotta go. I’m going to watch a movie.”

Instead text: “I was just strolling through Netflix and I think I’m going to watch the new movie by so and so.”

She may reply something like: “Okay. Enjoy the movie,” or “I saw it already. Really good movie.”

Now, don’t reply. Watch the movie and later on or the next day you are open to text her because you never conclusively ended the text. You simply stated you were going to watch a movie. Now when you do text her you can start off with something like: “You were right, great movie.”

This again assures her as to why you didn’t text back and it’s also a great icebreaker into texting her as opposed to “hey,” or “hello.”

REMEMBER: The best way to end texting with her is not to end it. At least, not directly.


For men it’s a great thing not to overuse emojis. Not that you can’t send one or two, but don’t over use them. At the most use them sparingly and not more than one or two.

Let her over use them, not you!

Plus, it shows her that you’re versatile and expressive with words and not solely dependent on emojis to express yourself.

EXCEPTION: It’s likely that if she over uses emojis that she won’t be bothered by your overuse of them. And yes, maybe on an occasion or so you can over use them.


When you’re texting with a women, you need to make it about her. Ask her questions, focus on her. Get her engaged. We all love to be exploited conversationally. Do so with her.


The 11th Secret To Successfully Texting With Women does not involve texting. It involves dialing. Pick up the phone and call her as well.

After all, if she’s so receptive to your texts then she is certainly looking forward to talking to you on the phone. Don’t keep her waiting any longer. Pick up the phone and call her.


Only time to not apply these 11 Secrets To Successfully Texting With Women is when you’re caught in a texting web with a woman you are not interested in. In such a case you may want to tell her that you are not interested. But if you find that hard because you don’t want to hurt her feelings then doing the opposite of these secrets may lead her to get the point. That you are not interested.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: HATS OFF TO THOSE WHO TEXT APPROPRIATELY. IT SAYS A LOT ABOUT PERSONALITY.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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