11 Sure Ways For You To Know She's The One

11 Sure ways For You To Know She’s The One

These are 11 Sure Ways For You To Know She’s The One. She being the one you’re in a relationship with now.

If you’re in agreement with all 11 then she definitely is the one! And if you agree with anything less than 10, then there are doubts.

MANDATORY: Number 11 is mandatory on the list otherwise she is absolutely not the one. No questions asked!

Without further ado, let’s get into the 11 Sure Ways To Know She’s The One.


There’s so much more to her than physical attraction. You love her being, you love her essence. You love her as a person, for who she is.

In spite of her flaws, you love her still. As a matter of fact, some of her flaws are attractive to you. They show you how she’s just as human as you are.


Her physical appearance. You’re incredibly attracted to her physical appearance, it turns you on. Her flattering parts outweigh the ones that you may not find so flattering.

You’re confident in her appearance. You can bring her around family, friends, colleagues and you’re one hundred percent confident and unapologetic about her physique.

Men do place a high value on a women’s physical appearance, more so then women do on men. Therefore, your level of attractiveness to her physical is absolutely categorized when it comes to knowing she’s the one.

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When there’s a fall out you want to make it better, and as soon as possible. The reason why this is important in knowing that she is the on is because some man don’t care or stop caring when there’s a fall out.

When you don’t care or stop caring it is an indication that she is not the one.

However, when you do have fall outs and you seek to mend them it is definitely a sure sign that she is the one.

ALSO: If the two of you had a breakup you regretted it and couldn’t stop thinking about her. You did what was absolutely necessary on your part to get her back.

REMEMBER: If she’s always on your mind, it’s because she’s supposed to be there.


On the list of the 11 Sure Ways For You To Know That She’s The One is you don’t pressure her into intimacy. You are so confident that she’s the one that you don’t pressure her into intimacy.

You’re not looking to be intimate with her so that you can add a badge of conquest to your name or so that you can brag about it. Actually, intimacy with her is sacred. You wait and you don’t speak in any derogatory fashion of her.

There’s no pressure with her on your part because with her you’re not looking for a one night stand, but a life span. You don’t want to rush into something that you will have, want to have, for the rest of your life.


The thought of you spending the rest of your life with her is not foreign or repugnant. It is an inviting thought. Spending the rest of your life with her is an absolute certainty.


When you look at her you contemplate joyfully on the thought of having a family with her. You desire at some time to have children with her. To establish a family lineage.


Everyday, even when things are not going as well as you’d both like, you feel absolutely fortunate to be the one that she’s with. You don’t take her for granted. You realize how amazing she is and you value that beyond measure.


Unquestionably you are absolutely willing to put yourself in harms way to protect and keep her safe. If she’s the one for you then keeping her safe is instinctive. There’s nothing to think about. Her safety and well being is automatically ingrained in you.


If she wasn’t to change a thing about who she is as a person or how she looks, you’d love her still.


When you look down the road of your life together with her, all the physical transformation that will come with her as she ages, plus not to mention with you as well, and you’re not repugnant. You actually look forward to embracing her in spite of such transformations.


The 11th sure way for you to know she’s the one is that she feels for you just as much as you feel for her.

For her to be the absolute one for you she must feel the same for you as well. Otherwise it will be a one way street, with you putting in all of the work.

If she doesn’t feel the same for you, or more, as you do for her, she’s not the one! You will simply be putting time and effort into a relationship that has no long term capability.

If how she feels for you does not reciprocate how you feel for her the relationship will become draining for you and overwhelming for her.


In closing let us reemphasize that anything less then ten of these 11 Sure Ways For You To Know She’s The One chances are you’re either not sure or you have yet to find the one.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: WE COME TO LOVE NOT BY FINDING A PERFECT PERSON, BUT BY LEARNING TO SEE AN IMPERFECT PERSON PERFECT.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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