4 Reasons Why Women Leave Men

4 Reasons Why Women Leave Men

Women don’t generally just pick up and leave a man. It’s very likely that she had been directly giving him indications that he needed to improve certain things or else she’d leave. At the least, there were hints that she was giving. In this article we’re directly giving you 4 Reasons Why Women Leave Men. Be sure to not commit any of the proceeding errors or she could very well leave you.

Without further ado, let’s get into the 4 Reasons Why Women Leave Men.


Of the four reasons why women leave a man this one may be the most common reason why a woman would leave a man. She feels emotionally displaced or neglected in the relationship.

You as the man are neglecting her emotions, not acknowledging or caring about them.

Neglecting a women’s emotional needs only serves to push and distance herself from you. Therefore, you must make an ardent effort to be aware of her emotional state.

If you’re not making improvements about her emotional being she will hide and conceal her emotions. She will keep them bottled in and you may not find out until it’s too late. This will lead her to be unwilling to share her emotions further with you if she feels that you never make improvements. She will no longer bother to express her emotions with you, especially her disconnect with you.

A women will only allow her emotional disconnect with you to go on for so long. The moment another man shows her emotional connectivity, which women long for more than anything else in a relationship, she will be extremely apt to latch onto him.

She may not even want to latch onto him, but he’s displaying the heartfelt craving and attention that she longs for. That is sufficient to make her wonder what it would be like to be in such a relationship, again. And when she starts wondering, she may actually seek to find out. 


Not neglect your woman’s emotions. Connect with her emotionally. Consciously work on improving your emotional connectivity with your woman if you do not want her to leave you.

Connect emotionally with her by listening to her. No talking, just listen. No criticizing, just listen.

Spend time with her, alone.

Ask her what you can do to connect emotionally with her and do so.


A women wants to be wanted by her man. To feel wanted requires a display of attention. Therefore, if you’re not giving her attention she will feel unwanted and undesirable.

When a woman feels unwanted and undesired it lowers her self esteem. With low self esteem comes doubts of her appearance, that is, her beauty. And when she questions her beauty she will question your attractiveness to her.

This will make her extremely susceptible to the attention of another man, primarily to validate her beauty. Which is being caused by the lack of attention that you are giving her.

Whereas lack of attention makes her feel unwanted, the opposite makes her feel wanted. And a women, whether single or in a relationship, wants to be wanted. She wants to be desired. She wants and longs for the attention of her man.

If you, her man, do not make her attention, she will welcome attention from other men or may even seek it out herself.

And if she seeks out attention it’s very likely that she will find a man to give it to her.

To avoid such misfortune, give your women attention! Make her feel wanted and desired by you, everyday!


She needs you to be manly and you just aren’t living up to her expectations.

A women needs you to be manly, masculine in your behavior, attitude, way of thinking, your way of approaching situations, etc. She has expectations from you as a man that you may not be living up to. Those expectations can be, but not limited to:

  • Not being a protector
  • Not being a provider
  • Excessively emotional
  • Lack confidence, insecure
  • Indecisive, etc

These and others are manly traits that she expects from you. When you reach such expectations it gives her a sense of security in being with you.

When you possess the manly traits that she desires in you she will feel like with you things will get better no matter the situation.

You being manly is a huge turn on for her. It’s as if it magnetically attracts her to you. It bolsters her attraction to you. However, be failing or lacking in this area and that attraction will fade and become non existent.

Therefore, be manly! Conduct yourself as such. Women, whether independent or not, have a low tolerance for men who do not step up to the plate when they’re called to bat.

Reverse and rid yourself on any opposing characteristics or else she’s very likely to seek out a man with such characteristics.


The fourth reason as to why women leave men that cannot be avoided correlates with sex. That is, poor sexual performance. She may not be satisfied with the sex she gets from her man or the lack of sex that she gets.

When either happens she may start to think that you’re either not attracted to her, unable to keep up with her or that you may be seeing someone else.

Which ever one it is, you don’t want her to be speculating on such thoughts. Any of such thoughts can lead her down a path to leave you, and not necessarily because she wants to, but because you directed her to.

You can wind such an unfruitful road by having or having more sex with her.

If poor performance on your part is causing the disconnect then you need to communicate your desire to her to perform better. She can guide you on how to do so. After all, nobody knows her body better than her.

Also, you can further your performance knowledge base by searching and researching books, articles and videos.


You may or may of not been aware of these 4 Reasons Why Women Leave Men. However, now it’s up to you to ensure that you either don’t commit these failures or that you stop committing them.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: SHOW A GIRL YOU DON’T CARE AND SHE’LL CHASE YOU; SHOW A WOMEN YOU DON’T CARE AND SHE’LL REPLACE YOU.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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