4 Things That Women Do That Push Men

4 Things That Women Do That Push Men Away

Ladies, you got your man and we’re sure you want to keep him. Therefore, we’re giving you 4 Things That Women Do That Push Men Away so that you can stare far away from them. These 4 thing are crucial to your relationship developing and become everlasting. They are also great for the single lady as well. Crucial for her to keep in mind when she does meet him.


Stop thinking you’re right, all of the time.

In a relationship winning isn’t being right. Winning is resolving the situation. And it will be impossible to resolve the situation if you think the only way of doing so is by you being right, all of the time.

Be willing to reflect and accept the possibility that you may be wrong and him right. Yes, that is possible.

Plus, do you want to end the bickering or be right?


Always waiting to criticize or quick to criticize.

Such disposition will eventually become intolerable to a man. All of the criticism makes him feel like a child. And if you’re making him feel like a child he’s going to get rebellious and temperamental. He will do so in an attempt to show you that he’s not a child, that he’s a man.

Yes, all of the criticism makes him feel as such. Therefore, don’t provoke him to such behaviors by being so critical and all of the time.

He made that mistake and believe us, he knows it. No need to throw it in his face and to constantly be reminding him of it through criticism.

EXCEPTION: Of course, we’re not saying that you can never criticize a man and it can be done in a blunt fashion when necessary. However, when you do criticize him in needs to be done in a loving and constructive manner. And don’t bash him over the head with your criticism for longer than necessary, for example, over the whole course of a lengthy of a conversation.

ALSO: If you’re constantly critical of him, the next time he makes a mistake or is contemplating a new endeavor, he will make sure you don’t know about it. He will keep it a secret from you in order to avoid you criticism just in case things don’t go well.

Not a scenario you want. You’re man keeping you in the dark about matters that he should freely talk to you about.


The third thing on the the list of 4 Things That Women Do That Push Men Away is: Stop making, forcing, insisting that he do things that he does not want to do.

We’re not referring to gender specific roles. We believe that in a relationship both have a role(s) to play and the couple will figure them out for themselves, most of the times through trial and error.

However, there are things that men simply do not want to do and for legitimate reasons. But some women will insist that they do them anyway, or else.

Many times they are things that can be done by one or the other. But the women will insist that he must do it or that the two of them must do it together.

For example, the better solution when you believe that he must do a particular task is to ask him to do it or give him alternatives, a choice. Men hate being told what to do but they can accept being asked to do or, at the least, have an alternative (choice).

Or if it’s something you believe or want the two of you to do together but he doesn’t want to. Why not suggest that this time you’ll do it yourself, alone, and the following time he does it, alone. And you can also express your desire to him of the two of you doing it together sometimes.

This will certainly work a lot better because you have compromised and he will also, or he should, see the need to compromise as well.

Following these suggestions will work a lot better than the upheaved comments, remarks and reactions that you usually get from him.

REMEMBER: Remember the proverbial definition of insanity: Doing the same thing and expecting different results.


The thing that women do that is the absolute surest way to push men away is disrespect, to disrespect him.

Ladies, do not disrespect him when it’s just the two of you together and especially when among others.

His reaction to your disrespect in public will most likely be impulsive and thus exceed the context of the situation. It is best to not go there. Do not disrespect him in public. It can have a lasting impact in your private life.

Respect is the single attribute that men crave the most and must have from a woman if they’re going to have a healthy relationship.

Ladies, do not draw your conclusion that he’s being sensitive when he tells you that you disrespected him or are disrespecting him. The truth is, when he tells you that you did or are disrespecting him, he’s being vulnerable. Because now you know what he perceives as disrespect and you could very well disrespect him again on another occasion to either provoke a reaction from him, upset him or simply because you feel that he “deserves it.”

We hope you’ll use better judgment and not provoke him in such a way.


So there you have it, 4 Things That Women Do That Push Men Away. There can be many obstacles that will cause hindrances in a relationship. Don’t compile to them by committing the aforementioned mistakes.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or an adage and today’s is: LOOK FOR THE BEST IN PEOPLE TO GET THE BEST OUT OF PEOPLE..

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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