What Do Women Look For In A Man

What Do Women Look For In A Man: 7 Important Things

If you’re a guy it is imperative to know what do women look for in a man if you’re going to court a woman. That’s because if you don’t know what a woman is looking for, how can you know what to show her? You won’t know.

If you don’t know what she is looking for, how can you go about showing it to her? That’s why it is important to know what women look for in a man, so you can show her that you are that man.

In this blog post we reveal the 7 things you need to know that women look for in a man. Without further ado, let’s get started on, what do women look for in a man?


Guys, don’t be fooled. Women do care about your physical appearance, a lot. If you have ever heard otherwise, dismiss it immediately. The way a man looks physically will be the first thing that will attract most women to him.

Most women will look at your physical appearance and from that assess if she would be willing to give you her time. If she doesn’t like what she sees physically, it’s unlikely that she will be open to your engagement towards her.

Guys, it’s nothing to frown upon if a woman will only engage with a man that is in great physical shape. That’s okay because you too can get in great physical shape. It’s simply a matter of developing a workout routine and developing the consistency and discipline to stay with it.

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How you dress is highly important to women. Again, don’t fall into the trap of, if she likes me she’ll take me as I am. Though that may be the case with some women, it may not be for most. Plus, why not give yourself an advantage and be dressed well, period! 

It’s just a fact, women evaluate you based on how you dress. And that makes sense, correct? Of course. How you dress is going to say so much about you to a woman.

With that said, dressing well does not mean dressing expensive. Some of the main things you want to keep in mind when dressing are:

  • No holes in your clothes
  • No faded clothes
  • Cloths that don’t fit your body (excessively baggy, etc)
  • No dirty clothes (stains, etc)
  • No dirty sneakers


Guys, you have to make sure that you smell on point. It’s a must when it comes to what do women look for in a man. Smelling on point doesn’t necessarily mean expensive cologne.

What smelling on point really means is that your aura, your body odor is not repulsive, but rather pleasant. You need to be sure that you smell good. The sure way to make sure you hit this on the mark every time is to shower daily, have on clean clothes and put on some deodorant.

What about cologne? Having on some cologne is a great way to lead with and leave a signature fragrance. However, if you’re not into the cologne game just be sure you don’t smell bad by doing the aforementioned steps.

Let’s not forget to add this when it comes to how you smell. Your breath needs to be on point as well. You must absolutely make sure that your breath smells right. Don’t slip up on this as it is a huge turn off for women. Make sure you are brushing your teeth multiple times. And when you can, to be sure, brush your teeth before you approach a woman. For extra fresh breath security, you can keep some gum or mints on you for the expected or unexpected occasions.


Now that you followed steps 1 through 4 and you’re in the presence of that woman, you need to be confident. A man who lacks confidence will be a turn off for most women. Don’t be cocky, as that will be a turn off as well, but be confident.

Keep in mind, your confidence isn’t just displayed when you talk to her. Your confidence is displayed in your walk as well. You need to have a confident walk. When you walk you need to walk with your head up and chest out.

This will speak confident even before you approach a woman. How you walk speaks volumes regarding your confidence level, don’t negate it.

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How ambitious are you in life? We ask because that is important to most women. Most women don’t want a man who is willing to accept that where they are in life is all that is meant for them.

How driven are you? Are you striving for more or are you okay with your “lot” in life? These are important questions that you will have to ask yourself because they matter when it comes to what do women look for in a man.

Most women want a man that is driven. A man that is ambitious and is going somewhere in life. With that said, we are not saying for you to be ambitious in life to simply get a woman, but do know that it is essential to most women that a man be ambitious and be going somewhere in life.


It’s no secret that a woman wants a man that will make her feel safe. Not only is it a want, it’s a need. A woman needs a man that will protect her and make her feel safe.

Therefore, it’s an absolute must that you make your woman feel protected when she is with you.

She needs to know that if it comes to it, when she is with you she is in good hands. That is, that she is safe with you. So you must give her this assurance, that you are going to protect her.

You need to not be afraid and show her that her safety is your number one priority. And that if you two go on to have children, that their safety is a number one priority as well.


Whether a woman works or not, is independent or not, she needs this assurance from her man, that he is a provider. Even in today’s day and age where women work and provide for themselves, they still need to see a provider in you.

If they don’t, it’s unlikely that they will take a man serious enough to take a relationship to the next level. That is, marriage, children, home purchase, etc.

With that said, you as man, need to have your finances in order or a plan that you are executing to get them in order.

To stress how significant it is to a woman that you be a provider, we believe that if a woman had to prioritize what’s most important on this list of what do women want from a man, it’s very likely that she will say this is number one.


And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Valuetainment’s Adam Sosnick on the importance of status when it comes to dating women (video below): THE NUMBER 1 THING A MAN CAN HAVE IS STATUS.

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