7 Reasons Why Men May Want An Older Woman. Young couple. Older Couple

7 Reasons Why Men May Want An Older Woman

Let’s be honest, we live in a society where men tend to want a young or younger woman than him. It’s what’s promoted as fashionable and cool in pop culture, social media, etc. However, there are many sublime reasons why a man would want to be with an older woman. So today we’re giving you 7 Reasons Why Men May Want An Older Woman.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the 7 Reasons Why Men May Want An Older Woman.


Generally, an older women has a greater level of maturity than her younger counterparts.

With greater maturity comes greater understanding of handling any misunderstandings or misfortunate occurrences in a relationship. Due to her greater maturity she recognizes the importance of patience, self reflection and serenity required to untangle any knots in a relationship.

Her maturity gives her the foresight when it comes to preparing and dealing with the unforeseen. Also, her maturity has made her a great problem solver, something that lacks in younger, immature women.

The high level of maturity that she has makes her tremendously attractive to men who are looking for a woman who can handle the inevitable distresses of a relationship without flying off the handle.


An older woman has a greater grasp and understanding of her emotions. She’s absolutely less susceptible to emotional outbreaks.

This is most likely because she’s lived longer and has experienced emotional outbursts enough times to where she is now at a point where she manages them.

She is able to manage her emotions and not flare up. This is because she recognizes the pattern of emotional outbursts and refrains from caving in to them. Therefore, before her emotions take over, that is, before she has an emotional outbursts, she wisely and quickly dampens such emotions.

Due to her emotional stability, she knows that emotional outbursts are not good for her, in anyway. She concludes that if they’re not good for her, then they’re not good for her relationship.

Emotionally stable women proceed in good judgment and put out any flame of emotional outburst at its onset.

An older women’s emotional stability is an asset that makes her extremely attractive to men. Especially to men who have been in relationships where the women’s emotional instability may have detracted and derailed their relationship.


An older woman will not only know what she wants, she will not settle for less than what she wants.

She believes that she is passed the level of playing games and wants what she wants. Otherwise she’s not apt to waste her time. Contributing factors to this can be her career, business, goals, family, dreams and/or image. She may also simply feel that she’s been through the motions and that she does not want to go through them again.

Knowing what she wants, combined with her maturity and her other valued traits makes her highly intolerable to settling for anything less than what she wants.

DISCLAIMER: With that said, we’re not saying that an older woman won’t play games or be with someone who does play games. However so, she’s very aware of the games being played and she’s only tolerating them willingly. The moment she no longer wants to, she’ll stop. For sure.


An older woman has lived longer and done more. This makes her likely to be more experienced than her younger female counterparts.

Many men will gravitate towards older women simply because of their experience. Such experiences include: experienced in life, experienced with her self, experienced sexually, etc.

Men attracted to experienced older women will feed off such experiences and will also contribute to such experiences.

The thought of being with an experienced woman to a man, especially a younger man, is exhilarating.


It is very likely that an older woman has been cheated on, has cheated or both. Having potentially gone through such ordeals and experiencing the harsh reality of them she is considerably less prone to behave in such a manner. That is, to cheat.

Moreover, because she’s older and does not want to hit the restart button and have to get into another relationship she will keep that in mind, if and when the temptation of cheating presents itself.


Many older women are in a place where they can and are okay with providing for themselves. They are not looking for a man with deliberate or pressure cooker intentions of him being the provider.

This is a huge relief for some men who may be at a temporary point where they are unable to provide for a woman. This can be because of unemployment, downturn in the market he hustles in or he may be currently chasing his passion and it is not yet making him income.

Now, it’s not that she wants a man who isn’t a provider, a turn off for women. However, she does understand your current plight, so she can and will provide. Though be aware men, there’s an expiration time on how long she’s willing to be the sole provider.


She’s older and she recognizes the importance of helping. Therefore, she willing to go out of her way to help you.

Her help can come in various ways. She can help and be supportive emotionally. Also, she can help you in your business or career. In addition, she is most likely willing to help in many other ways dependent on the seriousness of the relationship that the two of you have.

DISCLAIMER: Remember, you’re in a relationship with her because you lover her. Not because of what she can do for you. Be mindful of this. If she ever feels otherwise she will feel used by you and resent you and thus end the relationship.

Be appreciative of her help and know that it’s not mandatory. Mandatory in the tree of a relationship never bears delightful fruit.

DISCLAIMER 2: If your intentions is get into a relationship with an older women because of what she can do for you, we don’t recommend it. However, if you insist, you must make your intentions clear to her by letting her know. That will keep her from ever feeling used.

However, trouble may lay ahead because more likely so she will eventually develop real and strong emotions for you. She will disregard the original “agreement” and choose not to remember it. What a tangled web you would have weaved.


Evaluate these 7 Reasons Why Men May Want An Older Woman. If these reasons resonate within you, then maybe an older women may the one you’re looking for.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: AS A WOMAN GETS OLDER SHE FEELS WISER, MORE MATURE AND KNOWS HERSELF BETTER. WOULD YOU PREFER THAT OR SOFTER SKIN?

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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