6 Absolute Settings Where You Should Approach A Woman

6 Absolute Settings Where You Should Approach A Woman

When approaching a woman, a key to success is the setting. Not all settings merit you approaching her, keep that in mind. With that said, we’re revealing to you 6 Absolute Settings Where You Should Approach Women.


If you met her, even if only once, through a friend or acquaintance, that setting has become the precursor to you approaching her at the next setting that you see her in.

Having met her through a friend or an acquaintance created the golden opportunity for you to approach her in the next setting you see her in. Therefore, the next time you see her, approach her and talk to her.

Don’t hesitate to approach her, just do it. She already knows who you are, there’s rapport already because she met you through a mutual friend/acquaintance.

However, when you do approach her, just incase she doesn’t remember, be sure to reintroduce yourself and remind her how the two of you met. He guards will automatically go down as she will feel comfortable around you because you’ve met previously.

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If you and her have run into each other on occasions, the bus, train, plane, street, in the building where you work, etc. If so, the setting is perfect for you to approach her.

After all, how many times do you thing you’re going to run into her before another guy courts and charms her away from you.

The fact that you have both crossed each other’s path on various occasions makes you somewhat familiar to her. That is a great icebreaker in and of itself.


Can a setting get any better to approach a women than in a wedding?

Probably not. Think about it. There is no environment that exemplifies how much a woman wants to fall in love more than when she’s single and at a wedding.

Therefore, go ahead and approach her.

We’re not advocating drinking, but you are at a wedding, so if you want to have a drink or two to ease your nerves, go ahead. But please, don’t make it more than one or two.

You want to be in your right senses and you want her to know you’re in your right senses. So that it’s clear to her that it’s you talking and not the alcohol.


Now, from wedding to church. A place of worship, like a church, is a great place to meat a woman. It’s a place where she feels peaceful and comfortable, thus making her very susceptible to your approach.

It’s a great place to approach her. Don’t let fear hold you back. You can always share your favorite scripture with her as an icebreaker into the conversation.


If she’s at a cookout and she’s alone and single, chances are that she does not want to be alone or single when this event comes up again next year.

Therefore, it’s a perfect occasion for you to approach her. She’s comfortable, she’s safe, thus making her more likely to be susceptible to your approach.

If she likes you, you may be the guy that accompanies her to the cook out next year, as a couple!

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The beach is a perfect setting to approach her because she’ll most likely not be in a hurry, is relaxed and open to communication.

Also, she’ll feel safe because of the people that are around, thus making her even more susceptible to engage in a conversation with you.

However, when you do approach her, be mindful of where your eyes are looking. After all, she’s at the beach so she may be looking somewhat revealing.

Now, we’re not saying that you can’t or you shouldn’t give her a flirtatious look, but it’s not the first thing you do and certainly not too soon.

You need to also remember that when she’s at the beach that she’s there to soak up the sun and have some fun. Therefore, do not fully intrude on this process. You need to be delightfully brief. Approach her, introduce yourself, brief conversation/compliment, get her contact, let her know how great it was to meat her and be on your way.

Leave her wondering a little bit. Let there be mystery for the next conversation.

The exception to this rule is that you stay around longer if she’s making it obviously clear that she doesn’t want you to leave so soon. The most obvious way that she will do this is with long responses to your questions and by her asking you questions herself.

Even so, you must withdraw yourself, with the contact. Remember the concept of creating mystery and anticipation as well for the next conversation.


In these 6 Absolute Settings Where You Should Approach A Woman you can be sure that the odds of her being receptive towards your approach are greatly increased.

Women want to be approached by men, it’s just that many times the settings we do so in aren’t right. However, when they are, it’s as if men become that much more charming.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: THINGS DON’T ALWAYS HAPPEN AS YOU PLAN, BUT WHEN YOU’RE IN A GREAT SETTING, WHO NEEDS A PLAN!

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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