8 Reasons Why Some Women Have Unprotected Sex

8 Reasons Why Some Women Have Unprotected Sex

First we want to be extremely clear that we at Game Changer TV do dot advocate or promote unprotected sex. We believe that unprotected sex is irresponsible and that the only safe sex is between a man and women who have committed to a monogamous relationship and for many they prefer it to be marriage. We are stating 8 Reasons Why Some Women Have Unprotected Sex, not that we advocate it.

With that stated, let’s get into what those 8 reasons are.


She finds it more pleasurable to engage in sex without a condom, because it is. A condom reduces the sensitivity, whereas no condom heightens the sensitivity.

However, with that said, the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STD’S) and/or sexually transmitted infections (STI’S) are also heightened, greatly. And of course, pregnancy as well.

The alternative to having sex without a condom because it reduces the sensation is to purchase and use thinner condoms. Nevertheless, be mindful that thinner condoms are more susceptible to break.

Women can be on the look out for this by giving the condom a glance every now and then to make sure it’s still intact. Men can also do the same, but a man can know if a condom breaks if the sensitivity increases significantly.


She’s confident that she doesn’t have anything and you’ve assured her that you don’t either.

However, this is not a solution to safe sex. Any of you could be lying or simply unaware that you may have something.

Therefore in such situation it’s always best and safest to assume that you don’t know for sure. And when you don’t know for sure, it’s best to be safest and use a condom than to be sorry because you didn’t use one.


She doesn’t have a condom, you don’t have a condom. Neither of you were expecting it to go in such a direction and it is.

Now, if there is no place nearby that you can run to and buy condoms or a friend to drop some off, it’s best not to do it.

The momentary pleasure can have lasting ramifications that you may regret.


You do have a condom, but it’s a latex condom. She’s allergic to latex.

You may have to choose between sex with no condom or no sex. The absolute safest decision in this scenario is no sex.


If she’s totally open to the idea of the two of you having unprotected sex, she may very well want to get pregnant by you.

Is this the right person? Is this the best time? Why are we doing this? Is she safe? Am I safe? These and so many other questions all need to be answered before you make such a life transformation decision. And right there on the spot may not be the moment to make such decision.


She’s doing it because she’s caving in to your pressure of “Let me hit it raw.”

Insistence and persistence of unprotected sex from with your mate is careless and hazardous.

Furthermore, if she caves in to your pressures, you may enjoy it and she may very well not. That is because the primary thing that is going through her mind is, “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” “This is stupid,” and the like.

Her focus is not on the act but on the repercussions. And the repercussions can be great and irreversible.


She believes that unprotected sex will bring the you or the two of you into greater emotional connection.

She may be right, but she may be wrong. That’s too risky of a bet in a non monogamous, non married relationship. The means do not justify the potential reward.


She doesn’t know she’s having sex without a condom. That’s right, the man may of possibly took the condom off without her realizing it (or it could be broke and she doesn’t know). Ever heard the crude saying, “I don’t always use a condom, but when I do I take it off when she’s not looking.”

Sad truth, but it does certainly occur.


As stated in the opening we do not advocate unprotected sex, at all. We stated 8 Reasons Why Some Women Have Unprotected Sex because we want you to be aware of them, not because we advocate them.

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And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or an adage and today’s is: THINKING BEFORE ACTING IS WISDOM, BUT ACTING BEFORE THINKING IS REGRET.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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