Make Money And Make A Difference Start A YouTube Channel

Make A Difference And Make Money: Start A YouTube Channel

Have you ever thought about starting a YouTube channel? If so, great! You can make a difference and make money with a YouTube channel. And if you’ve never thought about starting a YouTube channel, why not? Don’t you want to make a difference and make money, you can. Make A Difference And Make Money: Start A YouTube Channel.

A YouTube channel is a great medium to channel your ideas, passion, viewpoints, etc., onto the world. And also, YouTube will pay you to do so, as long as you stay within certain delineated parameters. For example, but not limited to, putting out original content with no copyright infringement.


One of the keys to success with a YouTube channel we have found summed up in a sentence is: Consistency in quantity with quality. That is you have to put out content consistently (suggested, to start off, 3 to 5 videos a week. Preferably Tuesday through Thursday and Saturday). And as you put out content consistently it will increase the quantity of your content. With greater quantity of content you exponentially increase the likelihood of you getting and increasing your amount of subscribers.


With that said, for quality, you need to simply take care of some technical things. Specifically your audio and the quality of the video images. Easy technical things to handle.

First, your audio. The most simple way to assure great audio, even with the camera’s built in microphone, is to film you videos in a quiet, environment. For this to work to your advantage it needs to be in an environment where you can either control or know that it is quiet.

Second, the visual aspect. That is, the quality of the images your recording. You should have a camera that it, at least, high definition (HD). Pretty much all DSLR cameras are. For most smart phone cameras they also are HD.

However, the cons of filming with many smart phones can be the fact that many do not have manual settings. This can create minute, but annoying issues, such as constant changing of focus through out the filming of the video. The same can be said of color correction. That is, the phone camera will continuously be adjusting for the best color dependent on your movement and light in the environment you’re recording in.

The conclusion is, you should have a device that records in HD and has manual settings.

Third, you need to be in a well lit environment or purchase a three point setup light kit. If you do not want to purchase a three point set up light kit, then if you’re indoors shoot your video by a window. Natural light, that is, sunlight will work beautifully.

However, the challenge with filming outdoors to make use of beautiful sunlight is the noise. The fact that you can’t control it. If you choose do film outside a lavaliere/lapel mic is highly recommended.


You will need a laptop or computer. On your laptop or your computer is where you will edited the footage you shot with your camera. Your laptop or computer will come with a free editing software, IMovie for an Apple hardware or Movie Maker for Windows.

Though we’ve never used them, there are free online video editing software available.

For a price you can purchase cloud editing software offered by Adobe Premiere. Also there is Final Cut pro by Apple and other software editing programs available.

However, the free ones offered with your laptop or computer work great and are recommended, especially for beginning.


Don’t start a YouTube channel and think it’s going to be successful by you just going through the motions. It will not be!

If You’re going to make a difference and make money by starting a YouTube channel you will need to be dedicated. You’ll need to have a schedule, a routine. You will need to treat your channel with seriousness and commitment.

After all, nothing great ever happens with lackluster effort. Facts!


Now, a primary source to you finding your audience with your YouTube channel will be your choice of content and subject matter.

With that said, that should not be a problem, at all! The reason is because YouTube has an audience for pretty much any subject matter. Want to be sure, just go to the YouTube website’s search bar and type up a subject matter and see the many results in your search that will come up.

And if by chance your subject matter doesn’t come up with any videos from the search bar, that’s great as well. That simply means that there’s an opportunity for you to introduce your content and build an audience on YouTube.

The importance of subject matter is highly important because your audience will come to you regularly for insight on it. Therefore, do your best not to be all over the place with subject matter.

If you’re constantly creating content that does not correlate or with one another it will be an uphill battle for you to build an audience, if at all.

Therefore be clear and consistent with your subject matter. Doing so will pay dividends in audience growth and income from your amazing YouTube channel.


Believe it! The world needs to hear what you have to say. Someone in the world needs to watch your video so that they can become familiar with your know how or understanding on how to accomplish a specific task. Or they may simply need to be entertained by your great content.

We can’t began to tell you how much we have learned through YouTube content creators. YouTube content creators have educated us on filming videos for Game Changer TV, build the Game Changer TV website and so much more.


We personally like to think of YouTube content creators as some of the most selfless people on the planet. We are grateful for their bravery and commitment to pick up a camera, speak in front of it and loading it up onto YouTube. The parting of their knowledge has helped us greatly. With that said, we salute and thank YouTube content creators. Please do keep doing your thing.

With that said, we salute you as well because we believe you have what it takes, even though you may not know it yet, to build an amazing and successful YouTube channel where you can make a difference and money.


Of course you can make money with YouTube, we all know that. There are variables that determine how much money you make with your content on YouTube. Some of those variables include, but are not limited to:

  • How many views you video(s) get.
  • Number of subscribers you have.
  • Audience engagement (likes, etc.).
  • Length of time, adds people watch.

With that said, the best way to make money on YouTube is to focus on content creation. Your primary focus should be on delivering consistent quantity with quality content. This is what will ultimately build you an audience and thus make you money on YouTube.

DISCLAIMER: Before you can monetize you YouTube, your channel has to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time.


What will you do with this knowledge you just garnished?

Will you disperse the idea of starting a YouTube channel or will you embrace the talent within you and develop the skill through doing and starting a YouTube channel? We hope you’ll select the latter.

Creating a YouTube channel. It’s a wonderful way to be selfless and contribute to the world with a wide open window to making money while you’re doing so as well.


The title of this article says it all: Make A Difference And Money: Start A YouTube channel. It’s all on you. What will you do?

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or an adage and today’s is: IF YOU DON’T START NOW, A YEAR FROM TODAY YOU’LL WISH YOU DID.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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