6 Things You Must Stop Doing To Get And Keep A Woman

6 Things You Must Stop Doing To Get And Keep A Woman

Here is some news that you may have not heard anywhere else, but here at Game Changer TV we delight in sharing it with you. If you’re going to get and keep a woman, there are some things that you’re going to need to stop doing. Therefore, today we’re giving you 6 Things You Must Stop Doing To Get And Keep A Woman.


Stop being a pessimist, gloomy, a party pooper, negative. Don’t be a Negative Nancy or a Debbie Downer.

Listen! A sure way to not to get or lose her is by always seeing the cup as half empty rather than half full.

There is nothing attractive to a woman about a man who only sees through the eyes of negativity. That kind of energy will only breed negativity and women are not looking to breed with such a man.

However, there’s great news, you can easily overcome your pessimist personality. Simply be positive, be optimistic. Be cheering, be daring, believe. Believe in yourself and definitely believe in others.

We’re not saying for you to be naïve, but when you do see a problem, why not see the solution as well? Now, that I’ll get her to see you differently.


No offense here, but stop being cheap! Cheap will not attract her. And if you do have her already and want to keep her, stop being cheap with her!

We’re not saying you have to lavish her with gifts or give her incredible amounts of money that you may or may not have.

What we’re saying is that every now and then, buy her something. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. The cliché holds true, it’s the thought that counts.

Now, we can’t say whether to buy her chocolate or flowers. Many women do like those, but some would prefer something else. You can overcome the uncertainty of not knowing what she would like by being thoughtful or simply by engaging her in a conversation about things she likes.

Let’s emphasize again, it’s absolutely the thought that counts. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get her something pricier on certain occasions. 


Number three on the list of 6 Things You Must Stop Doing To Get And Keep A Woman, you must stop talking about the same thing or the same things.

With women you have to be diverse in your conversation. It helps to keep her engaged and you interesting.

You have a passion and interests, that’s great! But don’t overwhelm her with the subject matter. It’s not that you can’t talk about them, but make them brief conversations and certainly don’t talk about them to her everyday.

In the beginning your passion and interests may sound interesting to her. However, if that’s all you seem to talk about or talk about too much, it will only serve to make you look boring and dull. And boring and dull to a women is not attractive.


You must get rid of the dull and boring personality. You have to and the first step to overcoming a dull and boring personality is to recognize and admit that you are pretty dull and boring.

With that said, the good news is, you can overcome your dull and boring personality and thus become more attractive to women. Here’s a few points on how to do so:


A lazy tone, lazy voice, makes you sound boring and dull thus making you boring and dull to women.

Add some spike to your tone. Speak a little louder, more awake, more convinced. It gets rid of the monotone. You know, when your speech comes out in one unwavering tone.

Imagine being at a book reading and the book is being read in an unwavering tone, boring! Dull!

Now, picture the same book being read by the same person, however, the person yields to commas, makes pauses at periods, raises his voice to create alarm, lowers his voice to create mystery and suspense. Much better, right?

It’s the same thing when your talking. You can either be monotone reader or the lively one. The lively one is always more attractive to the ears of the listener. In your case, women.


Stop talking so much about you. That’s boring! When you’re talking to her, ask her questions about her. Focus on her and not you. We all like to be asked questions about ourselves, she’s no different.

Focus on her and not you. This will also make her more interested in you because you’re interested in her.

Moreover, you’ll be able to see how interested she is in you depending on whether or not she asks you questions about you.

SIDE NOTE: By the way, if she is asking you questions about you, then it’s likely she’s interested. If she’s not, it’s most likely because she’s not. Women reciprocate interest by asking you questions about you.

However, when she does ask you questions about you, don’t make the mistake of overkilling on the response. Make it a brief response and ask her another question.

It can be like a game of tennis, however, you want the ball more on her side of the court than yours. That makes sense, right?


The fifth on the list of 6 Things You Must Stop Doing To Get And Keep A Woman is direct and concise: get rid of that wardrobe! Chances are she’s been hinting at it for quite some time, therefore it’s time to let it go.

Why else do you think she’s always buying you some new clothes. It’s her gentle way of telling you that the ones in your closet right now, got to go. Therefore, let them go before she let’s you go.

Remember, change is good. Welcome it.


Stop being unwilling to try new things, even if it’s simply to please her. She’ll love you that much more for doing so. However, the key is to do with and with a smile. Love it, enjoy it! She’ll love and enjoy you for it.

Yes, do things with the sole intent on pleasing her. Here’s a few examples of things that she may enjoy, but you don’t. However, you’ll do them for her:

  • Watch that romantic comedy with her. You know you’re not going to like it, but watch it and shut up through out it! Don’t even criticize it to her. Do that with one of your guy friends.
  • Attend that concert with her. It’s not your type of music, but it would mean so much to her.
  • Go on vacation to that particular place she’s been telling you about it. Yes, you’d rather go somewhere else, but you’d be doing it to try new things and for her.
  • Pick her up for work, even though it means going out of your way.
  • Go to the gym with her. Grocery shop with her. Cook with her, clean with her.

Now, a disclaimer. We’re not saying for you to bend over to her every will, every time. And at times that may be what she wants, but that’s not what she always wants, women love a man with convictions.

However, you should practice flexibility at appropriate times.

Always remember, if it doesn’t bend, it breaks. She could very well break away.


Now you know the 6 Things You Must Stop Doing To Get And Keep A Woman. Don’t make the mistake of holding on to things that need to be gotten rid of. If you do so, she may very well get rid of you.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or an adage and today we have two: 1) YOU CANNOT BECOME WHAT YOU WANT BY REMAINING WHO YOU ARE, and 2) ELIMINATE WHAT DOESN’T HELP YOU EVOLVE.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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