3 Absolute Ways You're Misreading Women Who Like You

3 Absolute Ways You’re Misreading Women Who Like You

There are times when men misread women who like them and do so terribly. That’s why we’re addressing in this article 3 Absolute Ways You’re Misreading Women Who Like You.

At one point she does or says something and you’re absolutely convinced that she likes you. However, it’s as if in the same breath, she either says or does something that makes you feel that she does not like you.

With that said, here is some good news. Most of the times when a women does this she’s doing so unintentionally. She’s most likely not aware that you’re reading her actions in such a way.

Let’s get into the 3 Absolute Ways You’re Misreading Women Who Like You.

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At first you though she liked you. The two of you not only exchanged eye contact but had a brief conversation, complemented each other and showed clear interest in one another.

However, now you think she likes one of your friends or someone in your group of friends, and not you. You think this because whenever she comes around she only seems to talk to him or them. It’s as if you’re not even there.

It makes you feel like, if you like me than why aren’t you talking to me?

Let’s dissect how you may very well be misreading her. It’s not that she doesn’t like you and to her she’s most likely made it certain to you that she does like you. Her idea of conversing with your friend/friends is that she wants him/them to like her as well. She may be thinking, the more your friend/friends like her, the more you will like her.

Also, when she’s around you, she may be a little nervous that she’s not even aware of the fact that she’s not acknowledging or talking to you.


Now, don’t make the insecure mistake of becoming upset and convincing yourself that she doesn’t like you and give up on her. Don’t make it that easy for your friend or one of your friends to have a woman that potentially likes you.

What you can do when she’s not acknowledging you among conversation with your friend/friends is to simply join the conversation. You must do so in the most unobtrusive way in attempt to get her attention to you as well. This can really score you some high points with her as she will see that you are comfortable and secure with her around your friend/friends.

If unobtrusively joining the conversation is not what you want to do there is an alternative. You can kindly, almost unnoticed, step away and go strike a conversation somewhere else. Preferably with another woman or group of women.

When she does ask you where did you go. You can kindly, innocently say something like: You were so engaged in that conversation that it seemed like I wasn’t there. Therefore I just stepped off to talk where the conversation was more inviting.

It’s a little negative reinforcement. Something for her to keep in mind the next time she’s having a conversation with your friend/friends in your presence.

Keep in mind, the absolute key to making this work is to staying as cool as a cucumber throughout the whole process.


The second way you’re misreading women who like you is, you don’t get the hints that she likes you.

As we’ve stated in other articles, most of the time when a women likes you, she will not tell you so directly. She’s going to show it to you and do so in subtle hints. In this article we’re not going to get into what all of those hints are, but we’ll give you a few of them. Some hints that a women likes you through hints are:

  • Her posture around you? Is it upright and inviting?
  • Her hair? Does she touch it up and play with it around you?
  • Is she constantly laughing, chuckling around you?
  • How about, i she interested in knowing you, asking you questions?
  • Is she moving closer to you, touching you, patting you, etc.

These and many more are all hints that she likes you. If you don’t get such hints you will not know that she likes you. And if you don’t know she likes you then you won’t reciprocate. If you don’t reciprocate then she will lose interest in you.

Therefore, pay attention and look out for such hints.


The third way you’re misreading women who like you is, it’s not that she doesn’t like you, it’s that she’s playing hard to get.

Yes, she’s playing hard to get. Ever heard of it? We’re sure you have.

She’s playing hard to get for various reasons, including:

  • She doesn’t want to come off easy. She wants you to work, labor and sweat for her because you will then value her more.
  • Maybe she was in a previous relationship where she displayed her emotions too soon and became vulnerable. She doesn’t want to make such a mistake again.
  • She’s playing hard to get because she wants to know how much you really want her. She doesn’t want a fling or flake.

You’ve concluded that she is playing hard to get. However, you can overcome this by putting forth the effort to tranquilize any doubts she may have about your serious committed intentions to her.

DISCLAIMER: However, be mindful, there is a possibility that she is not playing hard to get and simply does not like you. You’ll know this when you put enough effort into showing her your serious interest in her and she remains shut off and unresponsive. When this is the case, it’s time to move on.

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Now that you know the 3 Absolute Ways You’re Misreading Women Who Like You be attentive to not make such errors.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or an adage and today’s is: IT’S EASY TO MISREAD SOMEONE’S BEHAVIOR IF YOU EXPECT THEIR ACTIONS TO BE AS CLEAR AS YOU’D EXPECT.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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