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4 Questions To Never Ask A Woman

There are questions that are imperative that you never, ever ask a woman. You don’t know what they are? Don’t worry. In this article we’re giving you 4 Questions To Never Ask A Woman.

Asking these questions will make you look week, insecure and insensitive. Without further ado, let’s get into what those 4 questions to never ask are.


You absolutely do no want to do this. To start off, he was her past, you’re her present and you’re working to build a future together. So why would you be concerned about a person who is not a part of what you have now with her and will not be a part of the future the two of you have planned together.

Therefore, if you’re building for the future, why are you looking to dig into her past? It doesn’t make sense.

Plus, it makes you look nosy. Not a commendable quality in a man. Why do you want to know? Why do you even care? Focus on the now and look towards the future that you two have ahead, but you can’t do that if you keep looking back.

Also, it makes you seem insecure. Why would you, as a man, be so worried about another man and about her past relations with that man? The only logical explanation would be insecurity. This insecurity will only bring hindrances to your relationship. The past is exactly that, the past. Therefore, leave the past in the past.

If you’re probing a woman about a previous partner, it’s never going to look good in her eyes. That translates into you not looking good in her eyes.

With that said, stare away from asking her any questions about a previous partner or relationship. You’re with her and she’s with you and not with her past, because that’s where her previous partner or relationship is.

EXCEPTION: The only exception to this is if she brings up a previous partner or relationship. She may do so because there may be something significant or traumatic that happened that she is comfortable talking to you about.

And even then, you need to be listening and not so much asking questions. We wrote and article on the 5 Must Dos To Develop Your Listening Skills With Women.


You definitely do not want to do this. For one, she’s most likely not going to give you an honest answer. You’re likely to get a response that she finds is most fitting for you to know.

For example, if she finds you to be a conservative guy, she could simply say 1, 2 or three. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. You’ll really never know for sure, so why ask? Don’t ask.

And where as if she finds you to be a more liberal guy she may say 7, 8 or 10. Again, maybe it’s true or maybe it’s not. But you can never know for sure so don’t ask.

Therefore it’s a question not to ask her not only because she may be offended, but because you’re likely not to get a truthful answer.

What you want to do, if you and her decide to engage in sexual activities, is to protect yourself and use a condom, always!

Read our article on 8 Reasons Why Some Women Have Unprotected Sex and also check out 7 Reasons Why Some Men Have Unprotected Sex.


Now, ask yourself, do you really want to know how many sex partners she’s had? If so, why? Is this going to bring value to your relationship with her? Or stir judgmental thoughts on your behalf? Think about it.


All you’re doing when you’re asking a woman if she finds you attractive is displaying insecurity. When you’re asking a woman if she finds you attractive it’s as if you’re seeking her validation.

You, as a man, you need to be confident. Even if you’re not the most physically attractive man you can certainly compensate for that with other great qualities.

For example, you can be personable, caring, friendly, healthy, fit, masculine, fresh and well groomed. All things that you have control over and that woman look for and love in a man. Check out 7 Non Physical Characteristics That Women Love In A Man.

When you ask a woman if she finds you attractive what your are doing is raising red flags in her head. She will immediately spot the insecurity. And insecure man is not attractive to a woman.

And if a woman does find you attractive you should be able to pick up on that. Women give subtle hints when they like or find a man attractive. They’re usually hints, not conspicuous behavior. 

Those hints are many, but some include always laughing/giggling at most things you say, touching you, patting you, direct and intent eye contact, leaning  over towards you, asking more and more questions about you, etc.

4) Never Ask A Woman How Old She Is

You must know to never, ever ask a woman how old she is, that is, her age.

If a woman comes off and tells you her age, which most woman never do, that’s on her. But you are not to ask her age. She’ll find the question extremely intrusive and you extremely insensitive.

And don’t make the mistake of falling for the guess my age trap question that some woman pose. You don’t want to go there. Woman take it very personal and offensive when you overestimate there age (even if they don’t tell you so). Many even take offense if you guess there exact age. That’s because most woman want to be told that they are younger, much younger, than they look.

Therefore, If a woman asks you to guess her age, and you must answer, go as low as possible without sounding ridiculous. Trust us, it’s best practice.

EXCEPTION: If she asks you your age then that may be a door opener for you to ask hers. But it’s probably best not to because she’s going to hit you with the “guess how old I am.”.


Now that you know the 4 Questions To Never Ask A Woman be sure to never ask them. If you do so, you’re running the risk of offending her when you knew not to.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: YOU CAN’T GET RIGHT ANSWERS IF YOU’RE ASKING THE WRONG QUESTIONS.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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