Impress A Girl By Remembering these Dates That Are Special To Her: 4 Special Dates

A sure way for you to impress a girl is to remember dates that are special to her. Impress A Girl By Remembering Dates That Are Special to her can be done by any man, in spite of the fact that we don’t do a great job remembering dates.

That’s why in this article we’ll highlight 4 special dates that you absolutely should remember and how to go about remembering them.


Her birthday is the most obvious of all the dates, but yet many men will forget this date if they are not reminded by her. That’s terrible. She should never have to remind you that her birthday month and birthday is coming up.

You may think it trivial that she wants you to remember her birthday, but she takes it very serious. That’s because she perceives you remembering her birthday as a sign of you remembering her. And we all like to be remembered and thought of.

Women are very attached to birthdays and not just their own. A woman will literally look at a calendar or at the date on their phone and instantly say, Oh, it’s so-and-sos birthday.

Then all you’re thinking is why and how did she remember that? But that’s the wrong thought pattern. What you need to is make a mental note that she remembers everybody’s birthday and does so because she finds birthdays very important. Birthdays are very special to her.

With that said, you need to make her birthday special and that starts off by you remembering her birthday. Remembering her birth day is the first step in actually making her birthday very special.

You should definitely complement you remembering her birthday with a thoughtful gift and planning the day out in a special way together.

Do so and she will also treat you on her birthday.


This is huge! You must remember your anniversary. It means the world to her.

Absolutely strive to never, ever forget your wedding anniversary (and if you’re dating, that anniversary date must be remembered as well).

A woman will never forget her wedding anniversary, but she will never remind you of it…if she does, it’ll be after it passes. The reason is because, rightfully so, she feels that she shouldn’t have to remind you of the day you freely committed the rest of your life to spending with her until death do you part. You get the point?

And if she ever reminds you, after the anniversary date has passed, it’ll all begin to make sense. That is, the silent treatment, not letting you have the remote control during the game, etc.

If you ever forget your wedding anniversary, you’ll wish you didn’t.


You should of know that a sure way to Impress A Girl By Remembering These Dates That Are Special To Her would include her mother’s birthday, right?

It’s very likely that she is very close to her mother and she always and forever remembers her birthday. Guess what, you should remember her mother’s birthday as well. Not because you have to, because you don’t have to.

However, by remembering he mother’s birthday it shows your genuine interest in a person that she loves dearly.

Thing about how amazing and surprised she would feel and be all because you remembered her mother’s birthday.

PS: It also doesn’t hurt to remember her father’s birthday as well.

DISCLAIMER: Remember your mother and your father’s birthday as well. She’ll find it shocking if you don’t and cute if you do. Choose cute.


If she ever discloses to you about the passing of a loved one, seek to know the date and remember it.

By you remembering such a date it displays empathy, sympathy and sensitivity on your behalf.

In addition, by you remembering such a date you will be prepared and accepting to any mood swings and potential change in behavior. Having lost a loved one is a pain beyond expression and you need to be very delicate with her if she’s suffered such a loss, specifically on such a date.

There isn’t much that you can say or do, but be mindful and understanding of her suffering as she remembers such a loss.

Don’t be intrusive or dramatic, just let her know that you also remember and that you’re there for whatever she needs.


Now you’re thinking, how am I going Impress A Girl By Remembering These Dates That Are Special To Her? It’s easy, you don’t have to.

You already got so much on your mind so create a customized calendar with all of these special dates on it and have it hanged somewhere you can see it daily.

You can also download an app to your phone plug the dates in and set it to remind you. Also, you can simply do this on your phone’s calendar.

Whatever it takes, do it! Just don’t forget these dates. Do not forget or overlook these dates. She’ll be very, very impressed if you don’t. Believe that!

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: REMEMBER WITHOUT ANYONE HAVING TO REMIND YOU. IT’LL MEAN THAT MUCH MORE.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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