Help Him Improve His Sexual Performance

There is something that some women do that is pretty heartless and insensitive and that is, they leave their man because of his poor sexual performance. When your man performs poor sexually with you, the solution is not to leave him. The solution is for you to Help Him Improve His Sexual Performance.

You can think of countless reasons as to why you don’t have to help him improve his sexual performance, but why? Their counterproductive. Rather, investing time to help him improve his sexual performance is the considerable solution.


You’re not satisfied with your man’s sexual performance, or at the least, you need him to do better. Guess what? He can! And you hold the key to helping him boost his performance and take it to another level. You can start the transformation tonight.


He doesn’t know that he’s a poor performer, and in part, you and any previous partner he may of had hold some responsibility and for two reasons. Reason number 1) You pretended, faked, that the sex was good, and 2) You never taught him differently, how to perform better.

Imagine, if you always do something a certain way, and as bad as it is, no one ever tell you. You will then simply keep doing what you have always done and never getting better. Well, this is what has happened to him.


So, you need to make it clear to him that you need him to improve his sexual performance.

But how? Do you flat out tell him, “Hey, you suck in bed. Get Better or I’m leaving you!”

No! You never want to do that and for various reasons. For one, men are very sensitive about how there performance is “rated.” You rate him low it messes up his whole self confidence and most likely leading to poorer performance.

Also, he’ll be thinking, “Have you been thinking this the whole time,” and “So, you’ve been faking good sex?” Questions that you know the answer to but they’re to crude to utter out your moth.

If you go about letting him know in a direct way that he is a poor or terrible sex performer you are going to emasculate your man. You will do a pretty good job at sucking his man hood right out of him. That’s absolutely not something you want to do to him. Or at least, we don’t recommend it.


You need to be strategic and shrewd as to how you go about letting him “know” that he needs to kick his sex game way up a few notches.

That’s why the way you’re going to tell him doesn’t involve you telling him at all. What you will need to do is make suggestions, requests, potentially demonstrations and subtle instructions.

These are by far the best methods compared with telling him he needs to perform better. Sure, go ahead and tell him. Kill his confidence and cause resentment within him. He’ll know he needs to perform better, but will he? Most likely no because he still doesn’t know what and how he needs to do better.

It’s like buying a mountable couch at Ikea and telling him to mount it, but you don’t give him the instruction manual. You get it?

Clearly some men would be able to mount it with no instruction manual but not him, that’s why you’re reading this article.

We are now clear that the way to get him to improve his sexual performance is not by telling him, but with suggestions, guidance, indications and subtle instructions.


How long will it take for him to improve his performance? How good of a teacher are you? One thing is certain, the timetable will vary. If you’re a good teacher and he’s a good, coachable student, then it can be a swift process.

That’s not to say that things can’t start to improve right away. For example, he can definitely get better with taking his time to get to sex by you simply having some oils and requesting a message before sex.

With oils, coconut oil, almond oil, etc., you can absolutely build an environment for “teaching” him. Oils slow everything down. Have some oils ready and engage him for sex. Now, let him know you want to try doing things a little different.

With that said, he’ll now know that tonight things are going to be different and he can let his guard down some. He’ll be prepped for what you have planned.

It’s the perfect set up because now you are in the driver’s seat. So go ahead and pick a particular thing that he hasn’t been doing right and guide, request that he do it a certain way.

Now, don’t attempt to fix everything in one session or in one night. Start off with a particular thing or two.

Be specific in what you want him to do. He’ll be open to it because you’ve already told him that you were going to be doing things differently tonight.


The way he’s going to get better is by you communicating how good what and the way he is doing it makes you feel. You communicate this to him verbally and/or with body movement. These are the absolute confidence boosters for men to know that they are making a woman feel good. Don’t fake it, mean it. If he’s just not at the point you want him to be, keep guiding him. However, once he hits the desired location, let him know. Communicate, communicate.

If you don’t communicate he won’t know how it feels to you and he may revert to his previous ways. Obviously, that’s not what you want.

As we stated, don’t make the mistake of thinking or wanting to improve all aspects of his sexual performance all in one night. No. Pace it out.

And you absolutely must do this with the ingenuity of allowing him the greater level of control. Most men want to be in control during sex. Do not strip this away from him. Yes, get in the driver’s seat, but not for the whole ride.


Ladies, you can’t forget about what we call, the follow up. Follow up on his performance. The secret to keeping a man doing what you want or like in bed, in a relationship for that matter, is to praise him after he’s done what you wanted what you like.

Tell him how great he was, how great it was, how great he made you feel. Praise and complement him and he’ll be intently looking forward to pleasing you in such a way the next time. Doing so is absolutely one of the ways to avoid 4 Things That Women Do That Push Men Away.


You teaching him is not necessarily a forever thing. Once you’ve done your job of requesting, guiding and giving him subtle instructions he’ll embark on his personal journey of discovering the New World, which is you.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: IN TEACHING OTHERS WE TEACH OURSELVES.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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