How to Know If A woman Likes You

A common question for guys when it comes to women is, How Do I Know If A Woman Likes Me? It’s a respectable question because hardly is it ever the case that a woman directly tells a guy that she likes him.

Wit that said, the guy is now obliged to interpret hints or to look for hints and signals as to whether the woman likes him. The good thing is a woman will give off signals and hints if she does like a you.

Therefore you need to be on the look out for such signals. In this article we will give you 10 signals that you can look for to determine if a woman likes you. If she does, she will inadvertently display them.


When a woman is not interested in a guy she will often give him a cold shoulder, she will have no tolerance to entertain him. However, if when you’re around she’s inviting that’s a big hint.

Does she tend to make it inviting for you to sit next to her? Does she initiate conversation with you or when conversation is initiated by you she responds and probes further?

If so this is an obvious sign of interest in you.


What is her body language saying when you’re around her or when you’re talking to her. It’s crucial that you read her body language, it speaks volumes.

For example, is she sitting upright? Is she fully turned toward you when you’re sitting or standing? Or is she looking away and not committed in her posture towards you?

Also, if she’s slouching, does she straighten up when you come around her. Pay attention to her body language. If the signals are positive she could very well be displaying interest in you.


  • Constantly running her fingers through her hair
  • Leaning towards you
  • Smiling at you
  • Licking her lips
  • Adjusting her bra


Yes, she pays attention to what you’re saying and wants to know more. When she cares and asks you further questions about the topic at hand.

It’s as if she’s interested in you. It’s because she could very well be.

Her asking you questions is a way of her letting you know that she finds you interesting and she wants to know more.


This is almost a give away that a woman likes you, when she’s constantly touching you. Usually touching your hands, patting you and the like.

For women, touching is very personal. Therefore if she’s touching you it’s likely because there is a strong attraction there and she wants you to know it.

Her touching can come in other forms as well. It could be her bumping/rubbing her legs upon yours, simply getting closer to you until you both touch. Sure signals of How To Know If A Woman Likes you.

BONUS: If it looks like it was an accidental touch then it doesn’t count. However, if she’s repeatedly touching you then it’s no accident. If you like her as well you can reciprocate the touching, for example, by complimenting, let’s say, a watch she’s wearing and then go for a touch as well.

If she’s repugnant then you misread the signal, but if she’s inviting then you’re in a good position.


As we stated It’s very unlikely that a woman will straight out tell you that she likes you, but it’s not totally uncommon for her to suggest the two of you exchange contacts. Most likely it would be a social media contact.

If a woman ever initiates that the two of you exchange contact it’s a blatant sign of interest in you.

If a woman asking you for your contact isn’t a sure way for you to know that she’s interested then one doesn’t exist. Don’t overlook the obvious because it rarely happens when a woman likes you.


She just cannot help herself but to complement you. She’s seems to be repeatedly complementing you. From the way you dress, the way you look, your smile, etc.

What she’s intending to get a cross to you is that she likes what she sees. And if you do too be sure to reciprocated with genuine compliments as well.

All of the complements equals she’s definitely interested in you. It’s a sure signal on How To Know If A Woman Likes You.


When a girl is constantly making eye contact with you, even though she looks away when you look, that’s a sure sign of interest.

She’s not looking at you because she wants to play eye tag. She’s looking at you because she can’t help it but to notice you. It’s her way of scoping you out an inviting you to walk over and say hello.

After all, you did not expect her to go up to you and say hello, right? Again, that’s very unlikely to happen. You, as the male, must initiate such a move. By her looking at you she has already done her part. Now do yours and bolster up and go talk to her.


That’s right, if a woman brags some when the two of you are talking it’s a sign of interest in you.

What she’s attempting to do is to let you know that she has it put together, that she got her own things going on. She wants you to know that she’s an accomplished woman.

And she’s letting you know because she could very well think you’re the man she wants to share her accomplishments and continue to accomplish with.

DISCLAIMER: When a woman brags some, don’t be intimidated. She’s being assertive but it doesn’t necessarily mean dominance.


You may be a funny guy, but you’re not that funny. But to her, you are. She laughs at anything you say that remotely sounds funny.

Her constantly laughing around you is a sure sign that you being around makes her feel good and happy. And that itself can translate into the great possibility of her liking you.


If when you and her are talking and she’s always brining up another topic for the two of you to talk about, she could very well like you.

The reason she keeps talking or bringing up other topics is because she doesn’t want the conversation to end and then for you to leave.

When she doesn’t want the conversation to end, it’s because she doesn’t want you to leave. And when she doesn’t want you to leave it’s because she likes you.


Now, it’s important to be mindful that on these 10 ways on How To Know If A Woman Likes You that there isn’t necessarily a single one that determines if she likes you or not.

You have identify several of these within the context of the scenario to grasp a greater certainty of whether she does like you.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: IF SHE LIKE YOU, SHE WON’T SAY IT. BUT SHE’LL GIVE HINTS. SO, GET THE HINTS.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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