How To Sound Attractive To A Woman: 8 Simple Ways

If you sound attractive to a woman it’s like music to her ears. It’s like a hit record to her ears, she’ll want to keep hearing it over and over again. So if sounding attractive is music to her ears, then How To Sound Attractive To A Woman is the question you need answers to.

Great question because in this post we reveal exactly How To Sound Attractive To A Woman.


Yes, the first secret to sounding attractive to a woman does not even involve you talking. It’s listening!

When you’re listening she’s hearing the best sound in the world, the sound of her voice.

It’s no secret, we all know that women love to talk, and at times, too much. But you know what women love more than talking, listening. That is, listening to their voice.

So, when you listen you sound super attractive to a woman. Listen, listen, listen!


Sound attractive to women by summarizing and making your point fast. Usually people who drag on and delay in making their point are people who love to hear themselves talk. Not a good impression for you as a man to make on a woman.

Therefore you need to get to your point, fast! Be less descriptive, leave out all of those boring details and get to the point.

Women get bored with the long stories. She may be very detailed, but she just won’t tolerate it much from you. A women hates listening to a man just drag and drag on with a story. Got it?


Using quotes is a sure way to sound attractive to a woman. Now, don’t force it or use quotes out of context. But if you know some and they are fitting to the conversation they will do wonders in getting you to sound attractive to her.

You don’t know any quotes? No problem. Open a Pinterest account and search for quotes. By the way, we’re on Pinterest.

Also you can simply get on Google and search for quotes. You can even try searching for “quotes that impress woman.” We don’t know what will come up. Search at your own discretion and if you find any interesting ones let us know by leaving a comment below.


Another sure way on How To Sound Attractive is to use “big words.” All that means is for you to use words that are not commonly used.

Struggling to come up with some big words? Well, the most approachable way to learning big words is through reading. Read books, magazines, blog posts like this one and every time you come across a word that you do not know, look it up. Search for the meaning of the word online, through an app on your phone or in a good old fashion dictionary.


That monotone, always speaking in the same tone, it bores her. That’s right that monotone voice, low sounding, barely making a wave in the sonic world needs some variation.

Variate your tone, dramatize your tone, just don’t sound monotone. Imagine listening to an author at a book reading read a book in monotone. Boring, right? Well, that’s the impression you’ll give her as well.


Sound attractive to a woman by asking her questions. The sound of you asking her questions gives her permission and shows interest in her hearing her favorite sound, that of her voice.

So ask her questions. It’s easily one of the sure ways on how to sound attractive to a woman.


Complimenting a woman is something that will always make you sound attractive to her. If you ever want to strike the right sound to a woman, compliment her.

Women are always inviting to compliments, so long as you do so in a respectful and gentleman fashion. With that said, keep the compliment from being sexual or invasive. That will only make you sound undesirable and rude, to say the least.


And the round off on how to sound attractive to a woman you must always, always speak confidently.

Speak in a confident tone. Ask questions confidently, respond confidently and speak confidently.

Always say what you mean and don’t backtrack on it, even if she disagrees. After all, she’s entitled to her opinion and you are also entitled to yours. If that’s not clear then things could get muddy.


Now you know of the 8 ways on how to sound attractive to a woman. Be sure to take them into consideration whenever you engage in conversation with a woman. Your chances of sounding attractive to her will be greatly heightened.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: YOU DON’T HAVE TO SOUND LIKE BARRY WHITE TO SOUND ATTRACTIVE.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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