How To Talk To A Woman And Get Her Interested: Essential Tips

For the overall majority of guys talking to a woman is one of the most daunting things to do. Even when guys muster the strength and pull it together and do approach a woman, they don’t know what to say. That’s why we wrote this blog post, How To Talk To A Woman And Get Her Interested.

In this post we will give you detailed guidance on exactly what to say to a woman, that is, how to talk to a woman and get her interested in you. What you say to a woman will determine everything going onward, if at all. Therefore, you need to be on point with what you say to her.


Talking to a woman doesn’t have to be scary or a daunting thing if you know what you’re going to say. Let’s start off by making it clear that women want to be approached and talked to by men. Get the inside scoop on How To Overcome Your Fear Of Approaching Women. After all, they are attracted to men as men are attracted to women. It’s just that she’s not going to approach you. That’s on you! Which is cool, because you can do it.

Not if, but when you approach any woman you need to have an icebreaker, every time. How awkward would it be for you to approach a woman and have nothing to say? Very awkward, weird and creepy.

But if you have an icebreaker, you’re good! Sure a pick up line could work. But you may not know any and the one you know may not be fitting. However, here’s a few you to consider.

So that begs the question, what then can you say to a woman as an icebreaker once you do approach her? There are a million things you can say, but we’ll give you one that is appropriate just about every time.


You can simply approach her and say: Hey, I love your outfit and I just had to come over here and let you know.

Now, add to it and be genuine: The color looks great on you. It complements your pursue nicely.

Now here’s the most important thing to say, it’s asking her a question: Did anybody else tell you that today or am I the first?

It’s very important for you to ask her a question to get her engaged in the conversation and for you to get a feel for her level of interest in the conversation.

The secret to a successful conversation with a woman is to engage her in the conversation. This is done simply by asking her questions. But there’s a caveat. If you don’t know it all the questions in the world won’t work. They could actually start to annoy her. We’re going to get more into that, keep reading.


You can proceed by telling her your name and reaching out in a gentleman like fashion with a hand greeting.

How receptive was she? Did she reach out and tell you her name as well? You need to be mindful of such signals. These signals indicate her level of interest. If she’s reciprocating, keep going!

By this time you’re relaxed. Your nerves have settled as the conversation progresses. It’s okay to be nervous in the early instances of approaching her. It happens to all men, not matter how calm he may seem. That’s important, seem and exemplify calmness always, even if you’re not.

You can continue on the subject of her clothing for another question, but then move on to another subject like her contact. Let’s talk about how to get it.

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Let her know that you have some things to attend to but you would like to hang out at some time if she’s interested. If she says yes, get her phone number.

Either have her tell it to you or you can simply give her your phone for her to dial it in.

SIDE NOTE: If you want to really know her level of interest, tell her something like: I’ll just give you a ring and hang up so that you can have my number as well. When you do this she may very well call you before you even get a chance to. Check out 5 Things She’ll Likely Do If She Likes You After The First Encounter.


As charming and as smooth as you were, there’s the possibility that she may not be interested. If she’s not, don’t be offended at all. As a matter of fact, be sure to let her know that you’re not offended at all by saying something like: Okay. But I still meant everything I said. By.

When it comes to how to talk to a woman and get her interested rejection is always a factor, unless you’re super rich or a super famous celebrity. Other than that, rejection is a probability for everyone.


Let’s say that she was receptive and the two of you agreed to meet for coffee, hang out or to go on a date. NOW, WHAT WILL YOU TALK ABOUT TO KEEP HER ENGAGED AND KEEP YOU SOUNDING INTERESTING?

Great question because we have the exact answer you’re looking for.


FIRST, it starts off from the moment you see her. Absolutely give her a look of impressiveness. She’s feeling uneasy about meeting you and has a lot of doubts on her mind. For example, did I pick a good outfit? How’s my hair? Etc.

What she needs to be put at ease is affirmation. Your clear look of impressiveness will be the affirmation that she needs. This look will deflate her doubts and put her mind and body at ease. So, once you see her, look at her in amazement.

SECOND, that was the eye compliment. Now it’s time for the verbal compliment. It doesn’t need to be excessive as the eye compliment has said a lot. You simply need to reinforce with words what you said with your eyes. Something as simple as, you look gorgeous, will suffice.


What are you going to talk about? First and foremost, your focus needs to be on her. You need to get her talking and talking about herself.

So what that means is, you should be focused on asking her questions. For example, her interests, favorite movie, hobbies, etc. Simply put, focus on her. This is simple to do. All you have to do is ask her questions and listen

For example, when you ask her what’s her favorite movie and she tells you. Now follow up with why is that your favorite movie. Do you think they should make a part 2, etc.

Asking a woman questions about her is the best advice for men on how to talk to a woman and get her interested.


She must not ever perceive that you are asking her questions for strategic purposes. You need to exemplify genuine and sincere interest.

SIDE NOTE: Don’t fake or pretend with women. They’ll resent you the moment they find out you were putting up a front and they fell for it.

However, when you’re genuine and sincere she’ll feel it. Women are visceral. She’s going to feel it inside of her and she’s not going to forget how you made her feel, ever!


The conversation caveat is this. Like we said, asking her questions is of greatest significance to keeping her engaged and finding you interesting. However, you don’t want to just be randomly asking her questions. As we’ve hinted, in the what’s your favorite movie question, the questions need to be more like follow up questions.

Here’s another example. Let’s say you ask her what school she went to. Now don’t ask her what is her favorite restaurant. No. Stay on the her school subject. Ask her how was her experience at that particular school. Is it a school that she would recommend to others, etc.

You must do this, otherwise you’ll just sound annoyed, nosy and boring to her. Not what you want an you can totally avoid it. Simply practice the conversation caveat.


A sure way on how to talk to a woman and get her interested is to get her to laugh. That is, you need to get funny. Not like a clown funny, but don’t be so serious.

Say something funny to her that spurts out naturally from the conversation. Even if it does not come out funny, let her know that you were trying to be funny but it didn’t work. That in itself will be funny to her.

So you see, even if you’re not funny, try to be funny and that will be funny.

It’s a great way to let your guard down around her and it shows that you don’t take yourself so serious that you can’t sacrifice your uprightness for a joke.


This is perfect to do once the conversation is flowing smoothly and she’s talking. Respectfully caress and explore her face with your eyes.

You do this by moving and fixating your eyes on specific facial features of hers.

For example you can briefly fixate you eyes on hers and look into them deeply. The important thing is to do it for a brief time period so as not to make her uncomfortable.

Actually you want to long into her eyes briefly and deliberately make it obvious to her that you were longing into her eyes but you snapped out of it. Make it as if you were in a brief trance and then snapped out of it. She’ll get the compliment.

You can also do the same with her lips. You should also do one where you bite your lips as you look at hers. This will send signals that she can not discard. That signal will get registered.

She will know that you are attracted to her and that you are making it clearly obvious to her.


Talking to a woman is something that all men can be successful at. You’re not guaranteed to have success every time, but then again success is never guaranteed in anything.

However, by applying these secrets on how to talk to a woman and get her interested your chances of success are greatly increased.

Believe in yourself. You got it. Tell yourself that and approach that woman and do put into practice everything we revealed to you in this blog post.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: DON’T WORRY ABOUT FAILURES, WORRY ABOUT THE CHANCES YOU MIGHT MISS WHEN YOU DON’T TRY.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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