8 Tips On How To Get Her To Like you

Do you want to know why she doesn’t like you? We’re going to tell you in this post and more importantly we’re giving you 8 Tips On How To Get Her To Like You. If you’ll improve on these 8 things she will start to like you and then it will be up to you if you still like here.

Yes, these tips will make you that much more attractive to her. And let’s make it clear right now, physical attraction is not on the list. The reason why physical attractiveness is not on the list is because it is not as prominent to women as it is to men. Women allow room for compensation even if the guy isn’t handsome.

That’s not the case with men. Most men are stuck on determining their level of attractiveness to a woman strictly on physical appearance. That is where guys go wrong because they also begin to think that is how women look at them. Not the case at all. A women is looking for so much more than physical attraction from a man.


First and foremost, where is your confidence level? How confident are you? Are you unsure or doubting your value, your worth? Are you doubting that you’re a great catch?

You need to be anchored in your confidence. Not arrogant, but confident! Know that you are that guy and walk with such confidence. Know that if she doesn’t see the value in you that is her loss and not yours.

Remember, if you’re confident about yourself, she’s going to get confident about you. She will begin to see in you what you see in yourself.


Number 2 on the 8 tips on how to get her to like you is your personality. What is your personality like? Are you boring? Are you unwilling to try new things? It’s important and a must that you be personable. You need to be friendly and not just to her. You need to be personable to her family, her friends and to people in general.

Most women will find a guy who is personable to be an attractive quality in a man. So that means you need to be personable or become personable. Be more engaging. Take initiatives. Dazzle her by developing a great personality.


How’s your sense of humor? Do you have one? If not, you must develop one. The good news is, it’s not a hard thing to do.

You can start off by relaxing a little more. Put your seriousness on the line and act out a little. Don’t be excessive with it, keep a balance. She’ll love to see you being lighthearted and laughing and even laughing at yourself sometimes.


Your conversational skills are crucial. How good are your conversation skills?

It is mandated on the 8 tips on how to get her to like you that your conversation skills need to be on point. This can be a major determining factor in getting her to like you. If you say the right things to her sparks will go off in her head.

Therefore you must develop your conversation skills. The primary advice we can give you in how to do so is to practice the art of asking her questions. Don’t just ask her random questions. Ask her questions about her and always follow up with questions that relate to her response.

By doing so she will know and feel that you are listening and actually care. We talk about this in 5 Must Dos To Develop Your Listening Skills.


How much smiling have you been doing lately? That always serious and unhappy face does you no good when it comes to you attracting her or any woman for that matter.

You need to practice and start smiling more often. Smiling is such an inviting gesture that it will kick her level of attraction to you to another level. With that said, smile. And do so frequently.


If you’re going to get her to like you then you must have a passion. What is your passion? Do you have something that drives you? Something that you go to bed excited about getting up in the morning to do?

You need a passion. You need to discover it. Having a passion is a great thing for you personally. Also, it will get her to see that you are not just waiting around for her. That you’re life is going somewhere. That you have things that you are passionate about that keep you busy. It lets her know that with or without her you’re going somewhere.


Of the 8 tips on how to get her to like you this one serves to benefit not only her attraction to you but also how you feel about yourself. It is having and practicing healthy habits.

When it comes to habits, do you have healthy habits? Especially eating healthy and staying fit. Yes, very important! Developing healthy habits, eating healthy, staying fit is great for you and great for her to see in you.

She wants to know and be assured that you care about and take care of yourself. After all, if you don’t take care of yourself what makes you believe that she thinks you can take care of her. Be clear, a man is supposed to take care of his woman.


If you’re going to get her to like you then you must stop being needy. You’re making her feel that you’re too dependent on her for validation, assurance, emotional stability and the like. Those are not qualities a woman wants in a man. And if you display them they will serve you no good purpose.

You cannot be waiting all day for her to call, text you or reach out to you. No. You have to be engaged in your daily life outside of what she can add to it. Don’t be waiting up on her. Be active in your life. She needs to see that you are not a needy person. This will actually draw her attention more towards you. 

Give her space and go about your day. By doing so it will actually spark an interest in her for you. If she was playing hard to get you have now flipped the table on her. She will begin to miss all of the attention and affection that you use to give to her that she was taking for granted.


If you’re going to get her to like you then you’re going to have to be strategic at times. At times with a woman you can’t just freely express what you feel. You must be strategic in your approach otherwise she won’t value you and she will take you for granted. However, now you have 8 Tips On How To Get Her To Like you and if you follow them the probability of her liking you greatly increases.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: DON’T FIND FAULT, FIND A WAY; ANYBODY CAN COMPLAIN.

Now, go forth and change the game!

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