How to Get Over Her And Move On: 8 Things You Must Do

So you thought she was the one, but it didn’t work out and now you’re heartbroken. Its become difficult to move on but you want to move on. That’s why in this post we’re telling you exactly How To Get Over Her And Move On. There’s 8 things you must do.


Sure you have some questions. That’s normal. You’re wondering what went wrong? Was it this, was it that? That’s fair enough. You’re encouraged to reflect on the relationship but what you must not do is dwell on your past relationship and wallow yourself in self pity. No self pity parties. You need to pull it together so that you can move on.

Dwelling on and feeling sorry for yourself will not help you at all. As a matter of fact it will only set you back because you wallowing in self pity isn’t letting you move ahead.


I know it hurt, but you must not show this to her. If you show her how much you are hurt it will not help you at all and will only make you look weak.

If you need to cry or scream, or whatever, do it! But don’t do so around her. If you do any of the aforementioned around her she will only feel sorry for you. There’s nothing attractive about a woman feeling sorry for a man.

You don’t want her to feel sorry for you. If anything feel sorry for her because she’s lost a great thing. That’s the kind of confidence you absolutely must have in yourself.

If you were to display your emotions around her, she will feel sorry for you, and she might even get back with you. However, she would only do so because she feels bad for you and she would dump you again the instance she can do so and not be around to see how sorry you look. Sir, don’t give a women or any person such power over you.


You must not call her. She is no longer your girl, by her choice, and you must let her live with that choice. This is crucial in how to get over her and move on. If you don’t begin to do this now you will only delay and delay your moving on process.

If you call her or keep calling her it will only serve to build her ego. Your phone calls, that she will likely not answer, will only serve to reassure her that she can have you back at anytime. And when she knows that she can have you back at anytime, she’s definitely not going to want you back.

Think about it, why would she want someone that she knows that she can have at a moments notice? She’ll never value that.

You need to infringe on her confidence and you can do so by not calling her, at all!

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Temporarily getting off social media is a better alternative to blocking her. When you block her all you’re doing is displaying an emotional reaction. As a man, don’t be emotion, always rationalize.

All your emotional reaction does is display the level of hurt she caused you. No need to let her know. The better alternative is to take some time off social media.


Now that you and her are no longer together you need to fill that time the two of you used to spend together with something.

It is now a perfect time for you to pursue certain hobbies, passions and for you to try new activities.

Doing so will keep your mind busy being productive and not busy thinking about her. Get out. Have fun. There’s so much you can do with that time. Enjoy yourself. Discover and do new things.


The ultimate cure to hurt is time but it will take some time. As hurt as you are right now, with each passing day you will get stronger. What you must do is press on during the difficult time that you experience early on because in the end this will make you stronger.

The experience of such a break up will only keep you down if you let it. But if you give it time you will rise above it and become a stronger and better you.


Whatever happened, happened. Now, don’t go off emotionally and start to bad mouth her to anybody that is willing to give you an ear or on social media. That will not help you in anyway and will only make you look emotional. Remember what we said, don’t be emotional, be rational.

Hold your tongue and refrain from saying anything negative or degrading about her. You need to maintain a level of integrity that cannot be blemished by your emotional outbursts.

DISCLAIMER: Also, if one day the two of you, together, do decide that you want to get back together, your slanderous bad mouthing her will make things that much more difficult.


Look, we get it, she was amazing. Sure, she was beautiful. All of that may very well be true. But the facts are that things didn’t work out and now you must press onward. There’s no need for you to put your life on hold because a relationship didn’t work out.

Right now it may be hard for you to believe, but in no time you’ll be able to look back and laugh at the fact that you languished so much in sorrow over a break up with her.

With that said, go on with your life as she has seemed to go with hers. Be happy for her and be even happier for you because you found out sooner than later that she wasn’t the one. Real talk!

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You must and you will get over her. Follow and apply what you just read on how to get over her and the process will flow seamlessly. Break ups are a part of life. It happens to all, and it’s not a bad thing. Take it as a lesson. Learn from it and move on. Put her in your rear view and keep moving ahead. Pretty soon she’ll be so far in the back that you see or remember her.

Wit that said, now that you are determined to move on, be sure to check out How To Know If A Woman Likes You.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is: THE BEST THING IS JUST MOVING ON AND GETTING OVER IT. DON’T GIVE SOMEONE THE SATISFACTION OF WATCHING YOU SUFFER.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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