How To Overcome Your Fear Of Approaching Women: A Few Simple Steps

First of all, let’s be clear, the only way to overcome your fear of approaching women, is the same way that you overcome any fear, by confronting it.

Therefore, let’s stated it from the onset, the only way of overcoming your fear of approaching women is to approach women.

The first time you do approach a women whom you do not know, but want to get to know, your tongue may get tied, your feet may get heavy as you walk towards her, but don’t turn back. You may start sweating, you will get nervous and hopefully you don’t pass out.

Don’t fret, this is exactly what will happen at any time you choose to overcome any fear by confronting it. Wit every fear you confront it’s going to feel pretty much exactly the same. However, you must execute in spite of the fear.

If it’s approaching women, heights, public speaking, swimming in the deep end, you must follow through and execute.

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Now what can bolster you up and strengthen you to face the fear of approaching women and be successful in doing so is preparation. Preparation is the key to your success. And in the case of you approaching a woman for the first time success isn’t necessarily getting the women, success in this case is you approaching the women. Overcoming your fear of doing so.

In this case, you getting the women is not what’s going to define whether your successful or not because you may very well not get the women. Success is you overcoming you approaching her or any woman.

To do so you need to develop a mindset that says: I have no fear of approaching any women. I can approach any women. Now, some will talk to me and some may not. However, I will not be afraid to approach her.

This mentality takes time to develop. But you won’t start to develop it if you continue to be fearful of approaching women.

You need to tell yourself, the next time I see her, I’m going to go over and talk to her.


What you need to do once you walk over to her is to have an icebreaker. That’s simple, just state something that’s fitting to the environment you’re in. Stay away from anything personal or intimate.

Once you break the ice, pay attention as to how and if she reciprocates.

If she doesn’t, it’s all good. It happens to the best of men. You can simply state it was nice to meet you and continue with the beautiful day.

And if she does reciprocate, great! Keep it up, keep going, ask her questions. Not personal questions or intimate questions, but as stated, questions that are fitting to the environment your in. As the conversation progresses it’s okay to compliment her and flirt slightly.

However, as stated, preparation is key. Be dressed presentable, well groomed. Shoes clean. Confidence up, posture on point.

Everything checked? Good. So go ahead and approach her otherwise your preparation was in vain.

Even you’re nervous, approach her. You can simply say: My name is ________. I’m a little nervous about approaching you but I told myself I would not miss out on the opportunity to say hello to you the next time I saw you.

Chances are that she will be very flattered that you’re nervous around her. But don’t stay nervous. Build up your confidence and talk to her. Ask her some questions, but don’t probe her. Got it?

Don’t be afraid. The worst thing that she could say is: No. I do not want to talk right now.

A no never hurt anybody, facts!

As a matter of fact, no’s can be good. That’s because enough no’s will lead to a yes.


This whole article was ultimately written with the intent to make it clear that the only way you overcome your fear of approaching women is to approach women.

Keep these pointers in mind and go ahead, overcome you fear, approach women.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or an adage and today’s is: STRENGTH DOESN’T COME FROM WHAT YOU CAN DO. IT COMES FROM OVERCOMING THE THINGS YOU ONCE THOUGHT YOU COULDN’T DO.

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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