Engaging With Women

We drop jewels, gems, give game as to how a man engaging with women can do so in the absolute appropriate and respectful manner for himself and for her as well.
We invoke authenticity as it is always best to be who you are in your essence and to maintain firm in your convictions.
However, as to almost anything in life, you will have to make some adjustments and improvements. Read our articles specifically geared towards engaging with women to get the official insights to Change The Game.

Is She The One

Is She The One

So you met a girl and you want to know, is she the one? Great question as men often wonder this when they meet a girl that they are interested in. In this post we will give you 7 sure ways for you to know if she is the one. 1) YOU CAN’T STOP THINKING …

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Are Single Women Happy

Are Single Women Happy

It seems that our society has become one that promotes singleness in a strong way to women. It has become somewhat of a holy doctrine to promote staying single to women and shunned on to encourage women to get married. It sounds outlandish, right? Because many of the people who are projecting this image are …

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Money And Marriage

money and marriage

Something that concerns all of us is money. The reasons are obvious. We live in a world, for the most part, that you can’t live without money. But when it comes to money we all have our own set of beliefs on it, whether wrong or right. How much do we spend? How do we …

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