Rapper 50 Cent On Dating Attractive Women

Rapper 50 Cent On Dating Attractive Women

A recent video of rapper 50 Cent on dating attractive women has garnished much attention, comments and views. It has become a viral video.

In the video rapper 50 Cent states, “I really, really enjoy looking at attractive women.” No secret there as 50 Cent has dated or been rumored to have dated some beautiful women that include actresses Megan Good and Vivica Fox, R&B singer Ciera and his current girlfriend, twenty years younger, Jamira Haines, aka Cuban Link.


In the video 50 Cent goes on to say, “I wanna see every version of an attractive woman.” He elaborates. “You know, height, short, tall, long, skinny, big girls, small girls. All pretty stuff.”

50 Cent continues, “ I could do that all day. I could just sit and look”


Where the viral video Rapper 50 Cent On Dating Attractive Women hits a u turn is when he states the following, “But you know, I don’t want them to come too close to me.”

The rapper states that he does not want attractive women to come too close to him. He explains why. 50 Cent says when it comes to attractive women, “ Don’t come to me. Just stay over there where you’re at with your pretty a**. Because you probably crazy as a mother fu***r and you’ll f***k up everything.”


How true is what 50 Cent is saying. His comments seem to resonate well with a lot of men. On the Youtube clip of Rapper 50 Cent On Dating Attractive Women, IDGAFKing says, “No truer words have been said.” Micahel Capers says, “He ain’t lying.” Net Oden says, “Wow! This is a smart man in control. I’m so impressed with his statement.”

Melvin Jones comments, “It’s statements like this from 50 that commands respect for his authenticity, even if you don’t like other aspects of his personality.”

Female commentator Noinfo chimed in, “We can sit and look at you all day too. You just have to find the right one. We are not all bad” Asia Monna adds, “I can dig that 50.”


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Did 50 Cent generate his philosophy based on previous relationships that he has had? It’s clear the G-Unit rapper and now TV producer has dated some beautiful and attractive women in the past.

Below are some of the women 50 Cent has dated over the years. They range from actresses, R&B singer and models.

MEAGAN GOOD (2002 - 2003)

Meagan Good

Meagan Good appeared in 50 Cent’s 21 Questions music video as his love interest. It has been stated that she and 50 Cent hooked from 2002 until 2003. Megan Good is now married to film producer and motivational speaker Devon Franklin. 

Regarding rapper 50 Cent she has said that he is a gentle person. Nothing like his past public image of being tough and gangster.

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VIVICA A. FOX (2003)

Vivica A. Fox

The rapper’s relationship with Vivica Fox, known for her Hollywood blockbuster roles in Independence Day and Set It Off, was short lived and did not end so well, according to reports.

Years later Vivica Fox would go on to say, “What killed the relationship is that we just went way too public way too fast…he was the love of my life…he will always have a special place in my heart.

JOY BRYANT (2005 -2006)

Joy Bryant

Joy Bryant was 50 Cent’s co star in Get Rich Or Die Tryin. Eventually they hooked up and had a dating relationship. Joy Bryant stated that her and 50 Cent were having dinner and he told ther that there’s a bullet in his tongue. He continued, “You want to feel it?” And he stuck my finger in his mouth.


Paris Hilton

In 2008 and 2009 it was rumored that rapper 50 Cent and The Hitlon’s heir, Paris Hilton, were in a relationship.

It was rumored that the two had hooked up at the Canner Film Festival in France. 

It was stated that they were later seen together getting cozy at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. This was during 50 Cent’s launch party for his album Curtis.

CIARA (2007 - 2010)


R&B singer Ciara is perhaps 50 Cent’s most notable relationship. The two dated from 2007 – 2010 and even collaborated musically on a few projects.

Regarding their break up, Ciara told Rickey Smiley, “the one thing he is afraid of is love. And with that being said in a sense, he’s afraid of me.”

In 2016 Ciara would go on to marry Denver Broncos quarterback, Russel Wilson.


Chelsea Handler

50 Cent dated comedian and television host Chelsea Handler. 

The relationship was short lived. However, of the relationship Chelsea would later say of 50 Cent: “I guess he’s my favorite ex. I mean, I don’t have a favorite ex. I love 50 Cent, he was fun. He was just a sweetheart and he was fun to be around.”

TATTED UP HOLLY (2013 - 2015)

TattedUp Holly

50 Cent also dated Instagram model and promoter TattedUp Holly.

Upon their break up Holly made allegations on Instagram that rapper 50 Cent was abusive towards her even though she treated him like “royalty.” 

In 2015, 50 found himself in hot water after another emotional and physical abuse allegation. This time, it came from Tatted Up Holly, his ex from 2013 through 2015.On Instagram, Holly claimed 50 was abusive toward her even though she treated him like “royalty.”


Jamira Haines (Cuban Link)

Jamira Haines is a model, social media influencer and fitness coach. She and 50 Cent began dating in 2019. Though Jamira Harris, AKA Cuban Link is 20 years his senior, their relationship seems to be going strong.

In a recent sit down with R&B singer Mary J. Bllige, 50 Cent talks about his relationship with Cuban Link: “I’m in a friendship with a woman, and I’m finding gratification out of seeing her happy,” 50 Cent continued: “At that point, I think I’m in love with her. ‘Cause even if her friends or her people are there, and they’re doing their thing, I’m happy because I know she’s really happy at that point. You understand? It’s not necessarily coming from me, but that’s how I interpret love.”



And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Dame Dash (video below): I DON’T THINK YOUR BEST FRIEND SHOULD BE ANYONE OTHER THAN THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BUILD A LIFE WITH.

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