This Is Why 2Pac Believed Biggie Set Him Up

The story of 2Pac and Biggie is one that has many twists and turns but ultimately ended in the untimely death of both rappers.

The two were friends, very close friends. From hanging out with each other, doing concerts together, freestyling together. Their comradery was strong.

However, on November 30th, 1994, a dark and unexpected event led to 2Pac being shot at the Quad Studios lobby in Manhattan, while Biggie was in a recording session a few floors above.

This unforeseen occurrence would initiate what would become known as the East Coast Versus West Coast War.



Shortly after 2Pac was shot he received a jail sentence for sexual assault allegations. And while in prison he began to reflect on the whole shooting at Quad Studios and along with other information he deduced that Biggie was involved in setting him up. An allegation that Biggie always firmly denied.

Rapper from rap group Naughty By Nature, Treach was a close friend of 2Pac and visited him in the hospital after he was shot at Quad Studios.

Treach was on the Willie D podcast show, Willie D Live, and was asked if 2Pac really believed that Biggie set him up. He explains 2Pac’s perspective (watch video).


There’s film footage that not only shows Biggie leaving Quad Studios after 2Pac was shot, but Puff Daddy as well, who has been accused of knowing that 2Pac was going to get robbed and eventually led to him getting shot as well.

2Pac did a Vibe interview shortly after being released from jail after being incarcerated for nearly a year on sexual assault charges.

During the interview he was asked if he believed that Biggie and Puff Daddy set him up and this is what he said (watch video).

Puff Daddy’s alibi on why he was at Quad studios at the time 2Pac was shot is the following (watch video).

What are your thoughts on the 2Pac claim that Biggie either set him up or knew that he was going to get shot?

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