How To Be Disciplined

How To Be Disciplined: 10 Steps To Discipline

Independent of what your goals and ambitions are in life, you’re not going to achieve them accidentally. To achieve your dreams it’s going to take deliberate effort that is going to require you to be disciplined. Therefore, imperative to your success in life, is learning how to be disciplined.

Many of us have heard the famous Mike Tyson quote, “Discipline is doing what you hate, but do it like you love it.” That is the absolute truth about discipline. You won’t want to do it. You will actually hate doing it. But you must do it. And to do it well, you must do it like you love it.


Don’t be dismayed by the early challenges of becoming a disciplined person. How to be disciplined is going to take a lot out of you. But it’s also going to give a lot to you. It’s going to give you new inspiration in life. It’s going to give you a new motivation in life.

Becoming disciplined is going to stretch you as a person. It’s going to cause you to grow and develop in ways you never imagined possible. You’re going to reach new heights because of discipline. Become disciplined and it can change your whole life.

Let’s get into the 10 ways on how to be disciplined.


If you’re going to become disciplined, you need to first and foremost decide that you are going to become disciplined. It’s the absolute first step in becoming disciplined, to decide that from this day forth you will be disciplined.

Make the decision that you are going to become disciplined and you will.


Some people make a decision and then they change their mind before they even get started. Maybe you have done this in the past, but you can change that at this very moment. Decide that you are going to stick with your decision to become disciplined.

By sticking with your decision you are already exercising discipline. It’s going to take discipline everyday to stick with your decision.


Disciplined people don’t go about their day haphazardly. Disciplined people don’t just get up in the morning and “see how the day goes.” Disciplined people develop a routine for their day where they know what they are doing with every hour of their day. Many, to the point that they know what they are doing every minute of their day.

Your day needs to be planned out, every single day. Disciplined people close out  a day already knowing what they have to do the next day. 

Disciplined people always know what they have to do the next day and they have a plan on how and a timeframe of when they are going to do it.

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Again, like sticking to your decision to become more disciplined, you have to stick to your routine. If you don’t, you’re not being disciplined.

Sure everyone can get off track here and there, but you need to to get back on track as soon as possible. That is, now! The more time and days you spend off track the longer it will take you to achieve your dreams. Therefore, develop a routine and stick to it.

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In the process of how to be disciplined you start off by focusing on the small things. Look for the small things that you can be doing to develop your discipline. For example, could it be that you need to make your bed every morning or cook at a certain time or go for a walk or run around the block?

Start with the “small” disciplines. The “small” disciplines are a building block for the “bigger” disciplines that are to come. Because the truth is, there is no “small” discipline. That is because the same “small” discipline that is required of you to make your bed everyday is the same discipline that will be required of you to achieve your biggest dreams.

That’s because discipline is a routine and once you develop that routine you can transfer it to whatever tasks and goals you have in life. Be it making your bed everyday or developing software.


As you persevere in how to be disciplined you will discover that results will encourage you. The victories that you obtain in the process will build your confidence and you keep growing in your disciplinary journey.

With that said, you need to work hard on yourself to become disciplined. Everyday you need to strive for positive results. And usually, those positive results are sticking to your routine. Whether that be getting up early or earlier, or writing, or editing, making better eating choices, etc. Strive for positive results everyday.


To truly become disciplined you need to make discipline a lifestyle. Discipline can’t be something that you go in and out of. It can’t be something that you do for a week or a month and then you take a break.

Discipline needs to become so ingrained in you that when you’re not sticking to your discipline you feel different. You feel like you are missing out on something and out of place because you’re not sticking to your routine.

***As we mentioned already, there will be times when you slack, but it’s your discipline that will bring you back into alignment.


Everyday it’s your choice whether you want to be disciplined or not. No one other than you can ultimately make you disciplined. If you’ll simply decide to be disciplined everyday, you will be disciplined.

Decide that no matter what you are going to be disciplined and will continue to grow in discipline. Your future and dreams depend on it.


In your journey to become disciplined, doing the difficult thing first is a principle to live by. Whatever it is that you think will require the most time, will be the most difficult, least desirable to do, that’s what you need to do first.

The reason is because once you get that out the way, it’s done. Now you can go on and do the other things, though they may be challenging, they are not as challenging as the one you just completed. Therefore, if you got the most difficult done, then the remainder will get done as well.

This builds incredible momentum as you go throughout your day completing task after task, week after week and beyond.

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There are going to be days where you feel overwhelmed by life and the challenges of life, and that’s okay. As long as we have breath in our bodies life will present us challenges. But that does not mean that you give up in your process of becoming a disciplined individual.

Keep going and keep challenging yourself to become disciplined everyday. If you do this, you will become disciplined.


And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Jim Rohn (video below): GET EXCITED OVER YOUR ABILITY TO MAKE YOURSELF DO THE NECESSARY THINGS.

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