How To Be More Confident

How To Be More Confident & 4 Reasons Why You Need To Be Confident

How to be more confident is a question that deserves a thorough response. The reason is because your confidence level is going to be a primary factor in the outcomes that you achieve in life. 

Think about it. If you’re not confident then you lack confidence. If you lack confidence then you lack belief. If you lack belief then you lack drive. If you lack drive then you become stagnant and you don’t move. We all know that if you don’t move you don’t get nowhere. 

Therefore let’s get to the root of the solution, which is confidence. How to be more confident?


Ultimately, confidence is belief in yourself. It is your belief in you, your capacities and capabilities to achieve the goals and/or tasks that you have set forth for yourself.

Whether you achieve your goals, whether physical, mental, spiritual, etc, will be determined on your confidence level. That is, whether you think you can do it or not. The gauge that you use to measure whether you can or can’t do it is your confidence level.

Some people have a very high confidence level while others do not.


The primary factor that will determine your confidence level is your track record of completion. Your track record of completion is how many times you start something and complete it. If every time you start a project/idea, etc, and you complete it then your confidence level is going to go up.

However, if you start projects, ideas, etc, and don’t follow through/complete them, then your confidence level is going to be zero to very low.

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You need to be confident or more confident for many reasons and we outline some of them below:

1) If you’re going to be a leader, you have to be confident. No one will follow a person who is not confident, who is unsure in his/her capacities and capabilities.

2) Confidence in yourself breeds confidence in others. If you’re confident then those around you will also become confident. The opposite is also true. If you lack confidence then those around you will also lack confidence.

3) Your confidence level will impact not only your outcome, but if you’ll get started. If you don’t have the confidence level to believe that you can do what’s at hand, you will not even start. 

4) If you have the confidence that you can do something then you will tap into hidden potential that’s inside of you just waiting to come out. We all have hidden potential inside of us that wants to come out. But you must have the confidence that it’s there. You just haven’t pushed yourself to the point of it coming out. But rest assured, it’s there.

The Art Of Extraordinary Confidence: Your Ultimate Path To Love, Wealth, And Freedom  you will discover how to: Eliminate self-doubt and negative thinking. Master five ways to overcome fear. Discover how confidence leads to greater wealth and prosperity. Boost your social power so you can confidently talk with anyone. Enjoy more love in all your relationships. Boldly ask for what you want, so you finally get what you really desire out of life.


To increase your confidence is relatively simple. What you have to do is start by setting small goals for yourself and completing them. With every small goal that you set and complete you will notice how your confidence level increases.

In addition, completing the small goals will give you the confidence to set bigger goals. Achieving small goals creates a compounding effect that will boost your confidence level.


1) Filter What Goes Into Your Mind: You need to literally be mindful of what goes into your mind. You need to take charge of the content that you consume. Be aware of what you read, hear and look at. If it’s not beneficial to the overall health of your mind, don’t consume it, period!

2) Surround Yourself With Confident People: Find people that are confident and get into their circle. The more you’re around confident, can do people, the more confident you will become. Whereas, if you’re around people who lack self confidence and constantly self doubt then that will rub off on you as well.

3) Be Patient With Yourself: Know that your self confidence isn’t going to go through the roof overnight. You have to be patient with yourself in the process of building your self confidence. Your low confidence didn’t happen overnight and neither will it be healed overnight. It’ll happen over a sequence of events. As you set goals, start off with small ones, your confidence level will go up drastically.

4) Recognize Your Progress: Building your confidence level happens in increments. Therefore, recognize these increments. Celebrate the small steps as you progress.

5) Have The Right Attitude Towards Yourself. Building more self confidence requires an attitude adjustment towards yourself. You have to start looking at yourself as an I Can Do Individual. When you look at yourself don’t look at where you are now, but look at where you are going. Look at the person you’re becoming. A believing and more confident person.


And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Kevin Gates (video below): SUCCESS BREEDS CONFIDENCE AND CONFIDENCE BREEDS SUCCESS.

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