Keys To Success

Keys To Success: 9 Of Them

Keys to success. We all want to know what they are. How are successful people successful? What do they do that makes them a success? After all, we’ve all heard it said before, success leaves clues. In this article we share the clues that are keys to success. Below are the 9 keys to success.


A major key to success is belief. The reason is because you’re going to have so many challenges in the pursuit of your goals and dreams and belief will keep you going. 

You have to believe in yourself. You have to believe in your skills. Believe in your dedication, your hard work and your talent. You have to have a belief level that is unshakable by the shortcomings, the failures and negativity that may be around you.

Believe in yourself. Believe that you are capable. Believe in the work that you are doing. Believe that you have come this far that you can also go the rest of the way. Believe that even though you don’t see how everything is going to work that you will keep on going. 

Without belief in yourself, success will more likely be unlikely. Therefore believe.


Another major key to success is focus. You need to get focused and stay focused. Success isn’t something that you obtain by having a random, unintentional focus level. You have to be focused everyday.

Everyday you must get up and be focused on what it is that you need to get done to get you closer to the success that you desire. You have to be willing to have a vision and not deviate from it. A lot of distractions are going to come your way, especially the closer you come to reaching your success goals. But stay focused!

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If you don’t learn time management and its importance, you will never have enough hours in a day to do the things that you must do to achieve success. 

The people who have discovered the keys to success know the importance of their time and manage it properly. You need to do the same as well. Figure out what you need to do to make the most of your time. 

To make the most of your time you may need to start going to bed earlier. You may need to start getting up earlier. You may need to cut off some activities, limit your time on your phone (social media, etc.). Another one that is challenging for many people is, you may need to let go of certain people from your life that are consumers of your time, but bring no value or reward to your life.

Figure out what it is that you need to do to take control of your time and do it. It’s a fundamental key to success


One of the keys to success that cannot be overlooked is that you must be yourself. In your journey to success, you must not try to be someone else. You must be you. 

People may try to mold you into something or someone that you are not, don’t cave in to the temptation. You need to be authentically you. If you are not who you are, you’re greatness will not fully manifest itself. 

If you go along with the wants and desires of others to fit a certain mold, you’ll never be happy. And you will also catch yourself constantly having to change to fit the mold of the next person.

The best thing is to be who you are. Don’t hide it. Let people see it. If they accept you as you are, great! If they don’t, they miss out. Keep going on being your genuine and authentic self.

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In your pursuit of success it is very tempting to be jealous and envious of the success of others around you. However, learn from the success of others and let their success inspire you.

Be inspired by the accomplishment and success of others. It’s a great thing. For one it goes to show you that if they have done it, you can too. Don’t murmur and complain and say they had a connection, they had an advantage, they got lucky. Celebrate their success and stay focused on obtaining yours.

Your success will come because you are taking the necessary steps to get there. In the meantime, don’t be bitter and envious of the success of others. Celebrate their success and be inspired by it.

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No success that is worthy of obtaining comes without sacrifice. Whether it’s entrepreneurs, athletes, scholars, whoever it is that has obtained a worthy goal, none of it came without sacrifices. 

Unfortunately some people want success handed to them. That’s not how success works. One of the keys to success is sacrifice because without it you’re not going to have success.

You need to sacrifice. The sacrifices that we need to make are different, but nevertheless, we must sacrifice. You may have to sacrifice extracurricular time, sacrifice some sleep, sacrifice the weekend(s).

Sacrifices are a requirement to success.


We all would like to know when we will succeed. The truth is, no person knows. However, what we do know is, success hardly ever happens at your first go. It is more likely than not that you will have to make multiple attempts before you succeed. 

The reason is because there is so much to learn that comes with being successful and one of those lessons is failing. You will more likely than not, fail before you succeed. Learn from those failures and keep going. Success may be one more try away or 20 more away. You don’t know. That’s why you have to keep going and never give up.


Don’t give up is among the top three keys to success. The reason is because if you give up, there is no success. You learn nothing from giving up. You don’t become better by giving up. And you certainly do not reach success when you give up.

Another key factor why you shouldn’t give up is because if you maintain the course in the pursuit of your dreams, you will figure it out. You will figure out how to obtain success. Therefore, never give up. Keep going. Keep pressing on. Keep learning.

Not giving up doesn’t mean, not restrategizing and reconsidering how you’re approaching your success. Doing so is actually a requirement. However, never give up. Keep going and you will reach your goals.


We conclude the keys to success with what is undoubtedly the biggest factor to your success. Faith. You must have faith in the pursuit of your success.

Too many things are going to happen in the pursuit of your success that are going to challenge the whole thought process of your pursuit. If you don’t have faith in God you’re more susceptible to giving up on your pursuit of success.

Have faith in God that He will continue to guide you and replenish you in your weakness and continuously renew your thoughts and ideas.


And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Earl Nightingale (video below): IF A PERSON DOESN’T HAVE A GOAL HE MUST BE CALLED UNSUCCESSFUL.

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