50 Cent Shares His One Unwritten Law Of Power

50 Cent Shares His One Unwritten Law Of Power

Rapper 50 Cent is actually, much more than a rapper. In addition to selling millions of records worldwide, being a legendary television producer, an actor and an entrepreneur, 50 Cent is also an author. And in an interview 50 Cent shares his one unwritten law of power.

50 Cent is a #1 New York Times bestselling author with numerous books under his name that include  From Pieces To Weight: Once Upon A Time In Southside Queens, Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter and The 50th Law.

In the book, the 50th Law, the Southside Jamaica rapper, 50 Cent, teams up with renowned and best selling author of books such as The 48 Laws Of Power and The Art Of Seduction, Robert Greene.


The 50th Law is ultimately a book for success in life and work based on a singular principle, fear nothing. Something that the rapper embodies from experience based on the former street life that he lived in to the boardroom meetings that he now has with some of the most fierce business people in corporate America.

50 Cent has openly stated that business people are more ruthless than street people. He says, “There’s more ruthless people in the business world than in the streets.” He continues, “In a robbery they would at least give you the courtesy of showing you the gun…but in business they’ll do it on a piece of paper where you feel nothing and just rob you right there. It’s the same tactics with a different approach.”


In an interview 50 Cent states that there is an unwritten law that is neither in Robert Greene’s 48 Laws Of Power or in one of his books.

That law is to not need a favor, or at least give off the impression that you don’t need favors. He states why, “I’m a firm believer in everyone will do you a favor when you don’t need one.” He continues, “ The object is to appear to not need a favor and then things can kind of go your way.”

With that said, 50 Cent’s unwritten law of power is emphasizing that you need to give the aura that you are self sufficient. That you don’t need others to do you favors, lend you money, etc.

By giving off the aura that you don’t need any of the above, then people will want to do things for you. Thus, his saying, “I’m a firm believer in everyone will do you a favor when you don’t need one.”


Bernie Madoff was an American fraudster and financier who masterminded and ran one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history. His financial Ponzi scheme was worth about $64.8 billion.

50 Cent eludes that Bernie Madoff was able to pull off his billion dollars Ponzi scheme because of the unwritten law to not appear to need a favor or favors. 

50 Cent goes on to explain, “Even Bernie Madoff. He’ll tell you no. His fund is full… Who tell you no. I don’t need your money?”

The rapper and author 50 Cent goes on to explain that because Bernie Madoff would tell those people no, they would then pursue him and offer him more money and that’s when he would accept them into his fund. That is, his Ponzi scheme.


The unwritten law of not needing favors can be applied in noble ways as well. By not appearing in need, even if you are, you can get people to do things for you. That is because who wants to do a favor for someone? Not many people, because you in turn can do nothing for them. This is absolutely a valid principle in life and in the business world. 

Think about this unwritten law and use discernment as to when to apply it.


And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from 50 Cent himself: DON’T TALK TO ME BECAUSE YOU’RE “BORED.” I’M NOT HERE TO ENTERTAIN YOU. AND DON’T TALK TO ME ONLY WHEN YOU NEED A FAVOR. I DON’T LIKE BEING USED.

Thanks for reading 50 Cent shares his one unwritten law of power.

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