The Importance Of Time Management

The Importance Of Time Management: 4 Key Elements

The importance of time management is crucial if you’re going to accomplish all of the tasks you have outlined for your day. If you don’t get a handle on time management you will constantly, daily find yourself not having enough hours in the day to complete your feats.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but yet some people seem to get a lot more with that same 24 hours than others do. How is that? The answer lies in time management. You have to allocate your time properly and you will commence to this upon realizing the importance of time management. 

In this article we will highlight how proper management of your time will help you complete your daily tasks and give you tips on time management.


To know the importance of time management you have to first be clear on what time management is. Time management is your ability to use your time effectively and productively. As stated, we are all allotted the same 24 hours in a day. How we individually use that time is where the difference comes in.


Some people choose to spend great portions of their 24 hours on things that are not productive. For example, we all recognize the importance of sleep, but we can agree that some people spend way too much time sleeping. The people who have mastered the importance of time management are extremely mindful of how much time they spend sleeping.

With that said, absolutely get your sleep. But do know, you may have to start sleeping less if you’re going to get more done in a day with your 24 hours. Learning the importance of time management and applying it comes with sacrifices.


Time management is important for many reasons and below we outline some key elements to successful time management.

GET A PLANNER/PLAN: We recommend that you get a weekly planner. With a weekly planner you can write down your daily tasks. Once you get in the habit of writing your tasks down, you’ll also get in the habit of completing them. If you never write them down and never look at them, then you don’t feel the urgency to complete them. Get a planner, write down your daily tasks and check them off as you complete them.

SET REMINDERS: There are daily tasks that may require you setting an alarm for. For example, you may have to set an alarm to get you up earlier so that you can have more time to complete your task. If there are times when you are away from your planner, set an alarm on your phone to remind you to complete a specific task. Give yourself the best chance at success by making sure you set alarms when necessary and complete the task.

GET ORGANIZED: Getting organized is a fundamental skill to the importance of time management. You must have things in order. If things around you are chaotic and not in order that’s only going to slow you down and may even discourage you in your efforts to complete your daily tasks. You need to get organized. That will help you know where things are when you need them. If you know where things are when you need them that will motivate you to get your tasks done.

FOLLOW THROUGH: Follow through on your path to mastering the importance of time management. Don’t start on this journey and quit. Master it! Once you do you’ll be so happy you did and you won’t go back to your old ways because you’ve made time management a habit. Don’t forget, follow through on your journey of becoming great at time management. Don’t succumb to the pressures of going back to the old ways.

Master Your Time, Master Your Life: The Breakthrough System to Get More Results, Faster, in Every Area of Your Life has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on Amazon and over 540 ratings.

By thoughtfully applying the principles in Master Your Time, Master Your Life, you’ll not only achieve greater results and reach your goals more quickly and successfully, you’ll alsohave more time to devote to what you truly love.


If you don’t learn the importance of time management you will constantly find yourself frustrated because you don’t have enough time in a day to complete your tasks. You have to learn time management if you’re going to execute on your dreams and ambitions.

Time management comes with sacrifices. Set that alarm to get you up earlier. Time management comes with dedication. When that alarm goes off, get up! Don’t set three alarms. Don’t hit the snooze button. Get up and start completing your tasks.


It cannot be emphasized enough, the people who are doing more than you have the same 24 hours in a day as you. They simply utilize their 24 hours differently from you. If you realize the importance of time management and execute on it, you will be able to get just as much done with your 24 hours as many of the successful people around you do.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Master P (video below): EVERYBODY HAS 24 HOURS.

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