Dame Dash Praises Cam’ron For Deleting Jay Z Verse On Oh Boy

Musically speaking Jay Z has received both praise and criticism. And when it comes to criticism a resurfacing slight is that he would only get on a song once the song became successful. Dame Dash has echoed the same sentiment.

Before we analyze Dame Dash’s statement that Jay Z only got on a song once it was hot, consider how Jay Z got on Juvenile’s Ha remix, after it was already a hit song. This is what Juvenile and the song’s producer Manny Fresh said about how Jay Z got on the Ha remix.

Ultimately Jay Z thought the song was hot, he wanted to be on it, he requested the instrumental, laid his verse. He sent it to them and they put it out.



One may say, why is that a bad thing? Ray Daniels went as far as saying that the Jay Z strategy was brilliant. Well, this is Dame Dash’s take on that.

Dame Dash states that Cam’ron was protecting himself so that Jay Z would not get the credit for his song Oh Boy being number one because Jay Z got on the remix.

However, Oh Boy was already a smash hit single way before a Jay Z verse could be added to it. It was number one on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles for five weeks straight and peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100.


The host of the podcast show Ray Daniels interjects and states that Cam’ron deleting Jay Z’s verse from Oh Boy was disrespectful towards Jay Z. Dame Dash goes on the defense and explains that it wasn’t. That Cam’ron was more brilliant for not putting Jay Z on the Oh Boy remix.

With that said the official remix of Oh Boy was released and featured Birdman, TQ, and Jim Jones and no Jay Z verse. Cam’ron himself has explained why the Jay Z verse was not on the Oh Boy remix. He says that it was because Jay Z in the past deleted his verse from a song (watch video for Cam’ron explanation).

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