We all should and must learn to manage our money in a form that it generates a return and is harmonious in our lives, relationships, family, etc…
Much of the balance in our lives, relationships, family will come from how we manage/learn to obtain and keep our money.
We can make money for others or for ourselves and our upcoming generations. We must decide and appropriate our energy accordingly.
Appropriating energy accordingly comes with having the right knowledge on how to do so. At Change The Game TV we are dedicated to giving you the knowledge, giving you the game on making finances for yourself and your upcoming generation. We believe it to be the most advantageous way to secure a future for yourself and you future lineage.

How To Meet A Rich Man

How To Meet A Rich Man

Many women dream of meeting a rich man. They want to meet a rich man that will take care of them and their financial needs. For the women who think like that and want that, we should not judge them. In this post we share some insight for women on how to meet a rich …

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How To Boss Up

How To boss Up

There certainly was a time and age in the not too distant past when most people in America worked for a company throughout their lifetime. Those times, for the most part, have come and gone. Nowadays many people are looking and exploring ways to become their own boss. Many people want to know how to …

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What Is A Trust Fund

What Is A Trust Fund

Trust fund has become a term that is commonly used when speaking of generational wealth, especially among wealthy people and/or their children. But what is a trust fund? We hear much said about it, but do we really know what it means? In this blog post we will explain trust funds and how they work. …

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Money And Marriage

money and marriage

Something that concerns all of us is money. The reasons are obvious. We live in a world, for the most part, that you can’t live without money. But when it comes to money we all have our own set of beliefs on it, whether wrong or right. How much do we spend? How do we …

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