Does Money Make You Happy

Does Money Make You Happy

If there is one thing that we all would like in life is to be happy. With that said we look to do things in life that increase our happiness. That may be spending time with family, traveling, that is, doing things that we enjoy. With that said comes the question, does money make you happy?


The correlation between money and happiness is one that makes logical sense. The reason is because with money you can do things that you enjoy. For example, travel. With money you can make sure all bills that you have are paid for and alleviate the stress of having to worry about them.

It takes money to pay for your food, It takes money to buy clothes and most necessities of life. You can’t travel without money. You can’t buy a car without money or a house. 

Our world has become one that is centered around money. Therefore, logically speaking, it makes sense to draw the conclusion that money makes you happy. That is because with money you can accommodate for many of the external demands of life because many of them require money.


Money buys many things, but money does not control your emotions. And a key to happiness is emotional control. To be able to manage your thoughts. That is, what you think about and how you feel. 

There are people who have money, some even have all the money in the world, but they are not happy. Why is that? It’s their inability to control what they think, how they feel. 

It’s absolutely possible to have all the money in the world and not be happy. As a matter of fact, there are a number of incidents where people with money have taken their own lives.

But let’s be clear, it’s not the money that made them miserable or suicidal. It’s what was going on inside of them.


One can draw an assessment that there are rich people who are happy and there are rich people who are not happy.  

However, it’s unfair to say that rich people are miserable or that rich people are happy. That all depends on how well they manage their emotions and some other factors including, do they feel loved, their health, etc.


True happiness is rooted in what goes on inside of a person, not what we can visibly see on the outside. What we see on the outside can be beautiful, appealing and joyous, but that does not mean that a person is happy.

Whether a person is truly happy is not something that is tangible. It is a joy on the inside of the person. Sure that joy can overflow into good energy that manifests on the outside, but again, that happiness is on the outside.

That is why it’s important to not get caught up on the notion that someone is happy because of what we can see on the outside. For example, family, children, good job, house, car, etc. A person can have all of those things, which are great, but not be happy.

True happiness is on the inside.

Money and Happiness: A Guide to Living the Good Life  “Laura Rowley makes us all understand the money-happiness connection in our own lives so that we spend our time and our efforts wisely.” Self Magazine


Being happy is not having money or more money. Being happy is being able to manage what is going on inside of you. Your emotions. Having emotional control.

Happiness is your ability to be grateful for what you have and not bitter about what you don’t have.

Happiness is having a purpose in life and walking in that purpose.

A key to happiness is love. Love others. Love people. Be lovable and be around those who love you. 

Love your Creator and connect with your creator. You will discover a love and joy that transcends the natural world. A love that is not based on material things and earthly possessions.


There are a number of reasons why money doesn’t make you happy. Below we outline some of them.

1) Money doesn’t make you happy because it does not change who you are on the inside. It amplifies it. If you’re a good person or a happy person, it magnifies that. If you’re the opposite of those things it will magnify that as well.

2) Money doesn’t make you happy, but it can buy you things that make you happy. We have all heard that before. However, what if there comes a time when you can’t buy those things? What does that mean? It means that you will no longer be happy. That means that your happiness is ultimately dependent on money. Don’t let what you can purchase determine if you are happy or not.

3) Because money can’t buy love. People who have lots of money will generally have a lot of people around them, but it doesn’t mean that they are around you because they love you. 

Having money will draw people towards you, but not necessarily for a good reason. They may come around you simply to see what they can extract from you. That is, for personal interests.


So, does money make you happy? Hopefully based on this reading you can see that in and of itself it doesn’t. If you’re not in control of your emotions, all of the money and the world won’t make you happy.

You’ll just be a rich person, who is not happy. Wealth and money does not equate to happiness.

However, if you’re a person who does have your emotions in balance and you do have money, that’s a great combination. You will then be a happy person with money. You don’t need the money to make you feel good about yourself because you have your emotions in control.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from George Horace Lorimer: IT IS GOOD TO HAVE MONEY AND THE THINGS MONEY CAN BUY, BUT IT IS GOO TOO, TO CHECK UP ONCE IN A WHILE AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVEN’T LOST THE THINGS MONEY CAN’T BUY.

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