What Does It Mean To Be A Conservative

What Does It Mean To Be A Conservative

A term that is regularly used to describe specific political parties and their supporters is conservative. However, many are not familiar with the term. In this article we will explain, what does it mean to be a conservative?

In simplest terms a conservative group/person is one that promotes and seeks to preserve traditional viewpoints. We will get into those viewpoints in this article.


Historically, the term conservative in a political context’s origin dates back to 1818. It is said that François-René de Chateaubriand during the French period known as Bourbon Restoration, was the first to use it in an attempt to scale back the policies of the French Revolution.

Since that time period the term has been used to identify a broad range of viewpoints.


Conservative viewpoints are different from liberal left wing viewpoints, the polar opposite of conservative viewpoints. Conservatives seek to promote and preserve traditional social institutions and practices whereas liberals are “progressive” and seek broader social and economic equality (e.g., welfare, aborton rights, LGBTQ, etc).

Conservatives hold ideologies that seek to preserve a range of institutions that include parliamentary government, property rights and organized religions, among others. Ultimately, conservatives are in favor of institutions, practices and policies that promote stability and evolve gradually.


In today’s political climate, in America, out of the Democrat and Republican party, the conservative party is the Republican party.

Republicans promote conservative values such as sanctity of marriage being between a man and women (heterosexual couples). Republicans oppose abortion, they are pro life. Republicans are also promoters of religion.

Faith and Politics: How the “Moral Values” Debate Divides America and How to Move Forward Together from former United States senator shares his conservative viewpoints from abortion, to STEM and gay marriage.


Conservative politics is precisely that, being conservative. That is, holding to traditional values, in favor of free/deregulated enterprise, private ownership and socially traditional values. These are the staple standings of a politically conservative person/party. 

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Kanye West (video below): I’M PRO LIFE. THERE’S MORE BLACK BABIES BEING ABORTED THAN BORN IN NEW YORK CITY AT THIS POINT.

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