What Does It Mean To Be A Leftist

What Does It Mean To Be A Leftist

If you’re not too familiar with politics the term leftist/left may sound peculiar. Politicians and pundits use the term to refer to political viewpoints. But what does it mean to be a leftist?


According to history the term leftist (left), originates from the time of the French Revolution of 1789. It is said that members of the then National Assembly divided among supporters of the revolution and sat on the left, thus leftist, and the supporters of the king sat on the right, the rightist.

Baron de Gauville, a deputy of the then National Assembly, wrote: “We began to recognize each other: those who were loyal to religion and the king took up positions to the right of the chair so as to avoid the shouts, oaths, and indecencies that enjoyed free rein in the opposing camp”.


The term leftist continues in existence till this day and political parties, groups and people adhere to policies and viewpoints that are considered leftist. To be a leftist politically is to adapt ideas that are termed “progressive” and “liberal viewpoints” that seek broader social and economic equality.


So, what does it mean to be a leftist today? What specific ideas do leftists of today adhere to? Great questions. Specific ideologies of a leftist today are that they adhere to social welfare policies, for example, broader healthcare. Leftist are considered liberals and viewpoints that adhere to same sex marriage, LGBTQ rights and they are supporters of abortion rights.

The Authoritarian Moment: How the Left Weaponized America’s Institutions Against Dissent is a New York Times Best Seller with a 5 star rating on Amazon with over 3,577 reviews.


In America leftists identify primarily with the Democratic party. The reason is because Democrats are in favor of abortion rights and the LGBT community. Democrats also look more favorably towards citizenship for undocumented immigrants and they take a favorable position with scientific consensus to climate change.


Leftist, or left/the left, is a political term that is used often by politicians. Therefore it’s important for you to be familiar with it if you want to be able to follow and understand political conversations.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Kanye West (video below): THE LEFT DID NOT ALLOW TRUMP TO BE PRESIDENT.

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