5 Secrets To Taking Great Social Media Pictures.

5 Secrets To Taking Great Social Media Pictures

Gentleman, let’s admit it, some of you are taking and posting some pretty horrible pictures on your social media accounts. It’s not that you look horrible, it’s that you don’t know the 5 Secrets To Taking Great Social Media Pictures. However, that’s a thing of the past. Read on to find out what the 5 Secrets are. Number 5 is absolutely the most crucial of the secrets.


You need a phone with a camera that has more resolutions, megapixels. It may very well be time to trade in that old phone and get a better one with more picture taking quality.

We don’t encourage it, however, if you want to keep that camera we recommend you only use it when it’s possible to apply secret number 5.

Whatever you do, if you’re insisting on keeping the old phone with the terrible camera, do not take pictures with it at night and post them. You know those pictures look horrible, especially on a bigger screen.


To continue on the subject of taking pictures at night. Only take pictures at night to post to your social media, if your phone has serious flash game.

Remember what we said, good looks are shaped by light. If the light on your flash isn’t good, then it’s good by good looks.

However, if you insist on taking that picture because you want to post it, give the picture a chance. Either stand directly under a light source, that is not too high, or grab a lamp and pointed in your direction to substitute or supplement the weak flash.

BONUS: Distant photos do not work well at night, with a great flash or not. Just simply don’t take them. Get closer. It’s the only solution.


Work on your posture. Don’t be slouching, avoid all of the hand signals and for goodness sake, smile! And to add to it, be dressed fresh!

Number 3 is that precise and compact. Little to be said.


Yes, take multiple pictures. However, don’t post them all. The reason is, they are not all great looking. Select one or two and post those.

Plus, you want to give off an aura that you’re photogenic. You don’t want to make it clear that you’re not by posting various pictures of you in one outfit clearly trying to get that one great picture. Eliminate the speculation by just posting that one or two great pictures.


This one is absolutely, positively the number one secret to taking great social media pictures. If you don’t do any of the others, this alone will improve your pictures drastically. It’s light, lighting!

Good looks are shaped by light. Light, lighting is your best friend when taking pictures, especially natural light. That is, sunlight.

Therefore, when it’s beautiful and sunny out, make use of that natural sunlight. Get outside and snap them pictures.

The key to making sure they come out just as you want them is to make sure your pictures are not overexposed (too much sunlight) or underexposed (not enough sunlight). However, you can easily control this by positioning yourself accordingly.

Usually, standing with your back to the sun will cause your picture to be underexposed, especially in phone cameras because they adjust to light automatically. You have no control of the aperture opening. Thus your picture will come out underexposed or silhouetted. To avoid this move around a little bit until you get the exposure to be exactly where you want it to be. Sometimes this can also be done with simply tilting your phone either up, down or even moving it sideways.

On the opposite of the spectrum, standing facing the sun will give you more light but be careful it doesn’t overexpose your picture. That is, causing it to look harsh.

When you’re indoors and you want to take advantage of natural sunlight to take great pictures, you can. Simply stand by a window where the rays are shining through and snap away.


Have fun and get creative. All of your pictures don’t have to be taken with the sole intent on posting them to social media. Try new settings, new angles and different looks. If it doesn’t look exactly as you’d like that’s okay. Don’t post it. Keep on file for you only and whomever you choose to share it with.


By following these 5 Secrets To Taking Great Social Media Pictures we’re sure the quality of your pictures will increase significantly. Only one way to test them out and find out for yourself, get out there and take some pictures for your social media.

And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or an adage and today’s is: A PICTURE SPEAKS A THOUSAND WORDS. WHAT DO YOU WANT YOURS TO SAY?

Now, go forth and change the game! 

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