How Diddy Assaulting Cassie Video Got Leaked

How and who leaked the Diddy assaulting Cassie video and why. Let’s get to the bottom of the leaked Diddy & Cassie tape and find out what really happened behind closed doors. You’re not gonna believe the shocking allegations of how the tape got leaked. Let’s get to it.

The entertainment industry is no stranger to private moments, whether good or horrifying being exposed to the public eye. But this leaked tape of Diddy assaulting Cassie takes the cake. We’ve never seen anything like it.



First of all, these leaked surveillance videos are big business. Just ask TMZ. 5.5 million views on Youtube for a 52 second video of Bow Wow in an elevator spazzing at his then girlfriend.

How about the former NFL player Ray Rice elevator footage with 13 million views of him knocking out his then fiance.

Or TMZ’s  3 minutes and 33 seconds surveillance video with over 7 million views of Jay Z getting punched and kicked by Beyonce’s sister, Solange.

And if 3 minutes and 33 seconds is too long for you, then you can watch the short 37 seconds version with nearly 1 million views.

Sure the video itself makes a lot of money, but there’s also all the traffic that they get generated by the video to articles published on their websites, television deals, promotion of their brand, etc. Can you say, ching, ching?!

So the fact that these surveillance videos are a big business is unquestionable, undeniable, unequivocal. You get it.

Big business not only for the buyer, but obviously for the seller as well. Some of the head of surveillance security people are making high six figures from these videos.


Did you think that the security supervisors are just handing out these revealing, meant not to be seen by the public surveillance videos freely?! No! Money talks. And the highest bidder gets the footage.

But how can you be sure that once you pay for the footage no one will ever see it? Well, you can’t be sure. Just look at what happened with Diddy.

If you’ll recall, in her lawsuit Cassie alleges that Diddy paid $50 thousand dollars for the surveillance video to make sure it did not leak to the public. But guess what, 8 years later the video resurfaces. This is why, according to Big Homie CC, a celebrity bodyguard.

In the aftermath of the leaked assault tape by Diddy on Cassie, there’s a lot of people in the entertainment industry terrified right now that there is some footage of them right now in the market that reveals something sinister that they do not want the world to see.

But don’t underpay or there’s a price to be paid. That of selling your footage again, to the likes of CNN, allegedly!

And when celebrities underpay there’s an additional price to be paid. That of selling your footage again, to the likes of CNN, allegedly!

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And as always we like to close with a saying, quote or adage and today’s is from Nas: IF YOU’RE SCARED TO TAKE CHANCES, YOU’LL NEVER HAVE ANSWERS.

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